Permission for land!!!!!

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by jh1488, Oct 7, 2011.

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  1. Hi all, Im new to the site but I bet guys hear this all the time, Im trying my hardest to get permission for land in my area (ferryhill/co. durham) to shoot rabit but I am failing misserably. Can any one help?
  2. Get orf my laaaand!

    Serious answer, have you approached local golf clubs etc?
  3. lots of land available all over the country.
    it depends if your willing to pay to use it?

    but have to agree that if your looking for access to police approved land for free it might be difficult. try drinking in farmer pubs and get to know a few farmers then after several hundred years of knowing you they might let you use thier land!!
  4. I have sent a few email of to the local golf courses, no luck yet. I cant beleve the negativity of the farmers around my area, grumpy old sods lol. I have an old abandond railway near me that is swarming with rabbit that I have been shooting on latley but I am starting to worry about convictions I may recive if I continue shooting there so I want do do it on the right side of the law.:policecap:
  5. I am guessing (and hoping) by your last statement it is Air rifle you are using. llech is spot on. Try local golf courses, they prefer air rifle pest control.
    Would be well worthwhile joining the BASC, the insurance is vital and will almost certainly be asked for from anyone club offering you land.
  6. Yes sorry, its a .22 air rifle, its only a cheap and cheerfull SMK B2 but still does the job. I might be being a bit ignorant hear but cant see why I would need insurance for a lower powered air rifle. How ever if it is vital then im thinking about joining the countryside aliance as they are abit cheaper and cant aford to mutch nowerdays.
  7. How about shooting it at first light regardless and then cutting Swastikas across the turf to get away from any enraged landowners only to find that some chavs have let down the tires on your escape vehicle?
  8. I make those wabbits pay in my spare time too. Luckily I have a chum who owns 250 acres ( what what ) Insurance is certainly worth getting if you're shooting anywhere other than a club range, try Country Cover Club • Home they are quite a lot cheaper than BASC if you just want insurance. Although the chance of serious injury is unlikely with a low powered rifle (arguably so is killing the rabbit!) if you did hit someone they may want to make an issue/claim of it. In my experience however unless you're bezzers with someone most people are reluctant to let you shoot on their land.
  9. Try a similar request at WWW.airgunbbs there is a section in there that may be of some help.
  10. Still no luck with land so Iv taken to shooting crows n pigeons in my own little yard n ocasionaly goin out for rabbit. Will have to wait for my car to be put back on the road n go further afield.