Permission for a blog

I thought I would post Mr WW's emails from far far away in the form of a blog.
When I tried to start a blog I got a message to contact admin for permission. I sent a pm to the blog moderator , but possibly the current site issues are causing pm problems ? the out box empties, and thats it.
So who else could I contact?
Many thanks
Mrs WW
Thanks a lot for this - we used to have this problem although I thought it had been cured. Can you tell me what link (URL) you are using to the blogs? It may also be a theme problem so if you can tell me which version of the site colours you are on as well.

Thanks a lot, the link you sent me isn't to an ARRSE address but to a website called Was that a typo?

I think your problem is that you are trying to create a new thread directly in the Blogs board which you aren't allowed to do. You have to go here to do it. It will then magically appear as a new thread in the Blogs board
Bad CO,
sorry my typo, ARRSE is not a word I am accustomed to typing .

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