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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Trigger696, Dec 29, 2009.

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  1. As the title says, iam looking for a posting/retrade which has a permenant posting, as i would like some stability in my family life. Buy house, kids get so stay in same schools, wife can look forward to a career rather than a job she would have for 2/3 years before moving etc etc. Now ive looked at 17 port and maritime, but they are no longer taking new enterants or re-traders as they are full. Are there Air Dispatch positions available? Are they based at lyneham full time? Any info would be greatly recieved.

    Cheers, Triggy.
  2. I doubt if there will be anything permanant at Lyneham as the place is closing in about 15 months.
  3. I hear that 1 UK Civ Div can be a very stable place to be. Apart from that, don't get your hopes up. The army likes its soldiers to be flexible, I can't see it making special cases now.

    If you're that desperate to continue a military career, and are adamant you need to be settled in one place, why not transfer to the RAF? Some guys on my patch have been here for 17+ years.

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  4. Guy at my place is permanent, he is MPS
  5. If lyneham is marked to close, what will happen to the Air Dispatch units based there?

    The RAF, i thought they were on the same sort of postings as us? Every 2/3 years, up sticks and move. If its not it would be something i would consider.

    And as for civ-div..... iam not that desperate... :wink:
  6. They are going to be permanently in the air, refuelled by tanker and crew swap over will be by parachute and those balloon winch thingamajigs like what was in the batman film.

    Had you planned to have every Christmas and New Year off as well as not moving? How about Op tours, or are they optional for you at the moment?
  7. Try the home of the RLC or the surrounding area - mostly populated by those whose entire military life proceeds in a stately waltz between Deepcut, Pirbright and Aldershot.
  8. Fiji???
  9. I have no issue with doing tours/christmas duties/working weekends/etc etc etc and so forth.... But if i can get some stability for my spouse and children then i will try and get it. Iam not looking for an easy ride or cushy number by any stretch of the imagination, just looking for somewhere i can buy a house and "settle down", without having to constantly move. I know there are thousands of married soldiers who do have to constantly move, and i am no "special" case, but if you dont ask... you dont get. :roll:
  10. I own a house and my family have a stable home life. I commute and live in the mess. Its not that difficult to work out now is it trigger
  11. Best I can think of is Abingdon, Keep getting posted between the 2 and half units there. It can't be guaranteed but as the majority of the RLC would rather put their foot in a bacon slicer than serve there its highly likely you would continue to stay in the area if you asked on your PPP.
    Other than that as CBO said training establishments are always looking for volunteers.
  12. Iam in Abingdon at the moment... and despite what people say about it, its not really that bad. (could do with a better cook house)
    If any one knows where the Air Dispatch units will be moved to or the state of there manning, i would like to know. :wink:
  13. I've served at Abingdon and its the worst place I've ever been to.

    Anyway, depending on how intelligent you are, System Analysts are permanently based in Ambrosden (Near Bicester) and live in officer quarters.
  14. [/quote]I own a house and my family have a stable home life. I commute and live in the mess. Its not that difficult to work out now is it trigger[/quote]

    Iam looking to live at home and be part of the family, not just be there on the weekends. Your wife must be a lot more understanding than mine... :D

  15. Is your wife not prepared to support you and your career by moving every 3-ish years? Sounds to me like she needs a reality check, as everyone else seems to manage just fine.