Permanent US Bases in Iraq

Hands up all those who thought this was never going to happen?

"If the Iraqis ask us to leave, we will"

Yeah right.

Without leaving a sizeable Military prescence, to "Protect them from their neighbours"?

This was always going to be the case from day one Tom. This story has been passed to Fox , to get some public opinion on the move.
personally is ay lets **** off back from there, give them (the arabs in general) a few nukes to play with and let them see how long they last without our help (US AND UK)

we (the Brits and possibly the septics) are going to be in Iraq for a very very long time, so of course there will be permanant bases there, you dont build a brand new field hospital next to the fairly new one if youre not thinking of staying for a while.

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