Permanent staff in Canada......Help required

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Spr_og, Jul 11, 2010.

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  1. One of the lads in my troop is off out as permanent staff to Canada I've given him all the usual advice but having never been there myself it's all just common sense stuff.

    Who's been before? Any kit you wish you'd had? He's off out next month so any help would be appreciated.

  2. Where in Canada,its quite a large country,?
  3. I haven't been to BATUS myself but I'd of thought you'd of known what I meant......oh wait....I get it now you were being a sarcastic bastard!! My apologies!!

    Yeah the lad is going to BATUS for three months in August.

    I've given him links to the batus website and a basic kit list.

    What I'm after is any top tips and pointers from people that have been there? Whether that's kit to take or just some anecdotes of how brilliant or shit it was.

    This lad is a right red arse, I'm just trying to help him out a bit which is my job after all!!
  4. you haven't heard of BATUW then, its a long time since I was PS at BATUS but it was probably one of the best postings I did, second only to Kathmandu,the adventure training was brilliant and the opportunety to travel amazing, most certainly need to be able to hire a car, as the drive to Vancouver is fantastic, oh being range saftey was as boreing as bollux
  5. No I can honestly say I've never heard of that tropper!! Where abouts in Canada is BATUW then?

    So I take it you got most weekends off while you were PS??
  6. He will need a Mozzie head net, mozzie repellant wet proofs, a mid weight doss bag some, warm clothing, for chilly nights, light clothing, UBACS etc as its about 34 c during day at moment,and a sense of humour.
    As he is only going for 3 months, he will most likely be a driver for RSCG,Long hours and not much time off, sorry, thats the way it is.
    He will need BOTH parts of his uk driving licence or he wont be able to drive on the highway.
    Dont fill his head with ideas about what there is to do out there as he may not even get the opportunity.
    Make sure he turns his uk mobile answer phone off, and warn him using a uk mobile is very expensive out there.
    Apart from that that, enjoy.
    Hope this helps

    BATUW is Wainwright, much further north thsn Suffield
  7. BATU Wainright, no in my time we did month long Ex Medicine Man then 2 weeks off, only catching a duty over this time perhaps once during the 2 weeks Adventure training/Local leave period
  8. Wainwright, yep rings a bell now!!

    Thanks for all that will pass it on.
  9. Thought BATUW closed down years ago.

    He will need plenty of money and a new liver on his return.
  10. Pretty sure BATUW closed around 10 years ago. And it's only 200 km north, not far at all.
  11. 2005 Batusu(W) closed but CFB is still used by British RMA used it last year
  12. Guns

    Guns LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. The Royal Navy

    Anything that keeps Mossies away will be the thing that saves his sanity.
  13. He can buy offi from the canex which always worked on the mossies when I was there.
  14. A mountain bike is good to get around on up and down from the T Park etc better than running as its quite an altitude there and running is diffucult until you aclimatise.
    Sun Glasses are a must, the wrap around ones with the side shields and nose guard.
    A thin face scarf for the dust as well as the previously mentioned mozzy nets
    A steel or ally cool box and drinks bucket you can even get the plug in ones as well.
    On plug in's don't bother with TV's, boom box etc as its 0nly 110v there and you need a convertor.
    Buy one if needed, don't hire one, the local radio stations are great once you get used to them and even a wee radio can pick up the stations all over the prairy and coulies.
    Med Hat has all the usual big stores and the outdoor kit is cheap as.
    Get out as much as possible, stay the fk away from the batus bars, you need the money for proper Bars (not the sin bin) well OK do the sin bin, his grand kids will love the story

  15. That's about the only stuff I ever had success with! The army's own just attracted them!

    Shame they don't do Med Man 7 anymore. [​IMG]