Permanent Postings an Improvement?

OK I've heard the general argument of how ending the Arms Plot is going to bring our Infantry Bns such great benefits and I understand how the plan will work for the UK and GE units. But what about our quirky postings.

Do the Resident Bns in NI become permanent and if so please don't tell me those units will be well recruited.

What about Cyprus? Although a nice location the prospect of guarding two sovereign bases for your whole career is less than appealing and certainly less of an Infantry role more of a local policing role.

And what about those Bns in NI and Cyprus who are for all intents and purposes involved on their own local operations or guarding vital British installations. It is unlikely they will leave those vital jobs to rotate through, say an Iraq or Balkans tour.

So by the time we drop the Ghurka Bns, the NI Bns and the Cyprus Bns we are left with a much reduced number of Inf Bns available for other ops. Over a period of time I see no improvement to Armd Inf Bns who will see a higher frequency of tours without the relief of knowing that in two years time they will Arms Plot to somewhere else, say Cyprus for two years.

Or maybe these quirky postings will be reduced to 6 month tours unaccompanied in which case we have just added a shed full of short tours to an already busy Inf schedule.

Further, the diminishing committment to the Emerald Toilet upon which the MOD is hinging some of its reduction decisions looks a little at risk this week with the IRA ending their weapons reduction plans and talking about abandoning the peace process.

Can any of you MOD types enlighten me?
Not in MOD but think I can help!

There will still be a limited amount of movements but not strictly arms plotting as they will always remain in role.

Many of the new large regts will have Lt Role Bns that will rotate around the likes of Cyprus, NI, PD etc.
Thanks Big Al. Great so that means that if you happen to join an Armd Inf regt you will spend your career rotating between Salisbury Plain and Paderborn as well as ops in Iraq.

Will those light Inf Bns who will be Arms Ploting under a different name have accompanied postings in Cyprus and NI?
You shouldn't spend your whole time in Armd Inf and each of the large Regts will only have 1 Armd Bn I believe.

You could spend your time going from Bulford / Germany (Armd), Catterick (Mech) and Cyprus / NI (Lt) as an example.
I understand that not all Regiments will be large, The Royal Welsh for example with only 2 Bns one in the UK the other in GE, both Armd Inf.

I know you are suggesting that trickle posting will allow for variety however that will only be within Regts. Equally I am entirely suspicious that future cost cutting will be found from the trickle posting budget. This will impact on the other ranks more than the Offrs. I reckon there will be little trickle below the rank of Sgt.
I have an Armd Inf background but now out of the Bn rat-race for a while and I can see your point. Not too bad for offrs in an AI Bn but the poor Toms may end up getting stiffed.

Due to the heavy trg bill ofr an AI Bn, each CO will be keen to keep his qualed blokes. Therefore, if your a gunner/ driver/ comd, you could end up being held in one Bn simply to save on trg another bugger to do it.

From the other end, if your a full screw for example with no Armd Inf experience then I imagine it will be difficult to get a posting to an AI Bn. What CO will want to take a man who he then has to train up for about six months before he is confident in his job. Fine if you get trg time but it looks like the AI Bns will all be getting a regular tan and a higher risk of skin cancer.
Can anyone tell me what the plan is for Demo Bn? Can you imagine your Bn being demo Bn in perpetuity.

I think the ending of the Arms Plot will not deliver the supposed benefits in the longer term.
Big_Al said:
You shouldn't spend your whole time in Armd Inf and each of the large Regts will only have 1 Armd Bn I believe.

You could spend your time going from Bulford / Germany (Armd), Catterick (Mech) and Cyprus / NI (Lt) as an example.
Er, so how does that help with an individual's stability if your Regt's 3 locs are Germany, UK mainland and NI? Haven't we gone at this one half cocked again.

I reckon give each large Regt a permanent loc with different roles so that the manpower can rotate without having to move. Send the Irish to NI (1 Royal Irish and the Irish Guards) 'cos they deserve it, and the RGJ to Cyprus :twisted:

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