Permanent Makeup.

Discussion in 'Officers' started by princess_combat, Jul 9, 2006.

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  1. I have been in discussion with the Army for sometime about re-enlisting when I have finnished my degree and following a discussion with the ACO again I have hit yet another problem. Most of the problems so far are to do with the backwards way I have tried to re enlist. PVR put in due to family welfare issues, which have lasted 3 years. My sister (the welfare issue) is now Joining the riff raf as a trainee Nurse (that I have to see, good luck RAF)

    This time its to do with tatoo's no not tramp stamps but permanent make up. Notoriously not a girlie gal and not being able to do make up without looking like a clown, coupled with the fact I spend so much time doing sport and thus it it runs. I decided to get this done last year. Its very subtle and unless I say most people don't notice all I have is eye liner, lip liner and a slightly darker shade than is my natural lip colour. I am not talking about bright red lips and blue eye liner!

    Now (on Friday) I have been advised that I have to send a tatoo record in and it gets sent to the Army and they decide if they will accept me as I am techically tatooed on my face.

    Then IF they accept me the same tatoo record has to be forwarded to RMAC to see if they will accept me. ACO sgt did not seen overly concerned.

    I am not worried the Army will turn me down but as my selected trade is Officer only and I am more worried I won't be accepted as an officer on the above grounds.

    How I wish I had thought the permanent make up through.

    My question has anyone else encountered this?
  2. Are you Co Co the clown?
  3. "as my selected trade is Officer only"

    Certainly a clown of some sort; is she going to buy and sell them?
  4. Any chance of a pic, so we can give an informed opinion?
  5. The job In want is a job as apposed to a "general officers admin etc" ie I will be doing a hands on job.

    Bad choice of words I admit.

    MicknDarcyJo - No chance of a pic NO I don't tout myself on the net. Only a select few from here on MSN know who I am and that is after I know who they are.
  6. Go easy on the Pride Mountain Reserve Cabernet Princess :wink:
  7. An example?
  8. Mine is more subtle colour than that but yes.

    Thank you.
  9. My how you've changed since we last met Puttees.
  10. Have you got some evidence to support that; a picture perhaps?
  11. I'm saving up to get the other half done.
  12. Did you go for the ever popular "nikki Lauder"?
  13. If I were you p_c I would be more concerned about the ACO staff reading the grammatically incorrect, badly spelt drivel that you've posted across a number of threads on ARRSE than I would be about your ACAB tattoos.
  14. If you're going in as a loggie officer, I thought facial tattoos were a requirement?
  15. Why would anyone want a line of dots tattoo'd down their face and neck?