Permanent Ink - getting it off weapons!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by k13eod, Nov 6, 2012.

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  1. Someone must know or done it ... it's ARRSE ffs!

    I have butt numbers on 15 Cadet A2's which no longer match the register as the numbers have been changed that often! I have an ECIT inspection next week so want to get rid of all the old numbers off the weapons and re-number them. The numbers are written on in permanent pen ... what's the best/quickest/easiest way of removing the markings (bearing in mind I don't do 'effort' or 'elbow grease' these days!
  2. Alcohol? As in the stuff found in cleaning products rather than in pubs.

    I recall BO Buster takes permanent pen off quite well.
  3. Washing powder and a damp cloth.
  4. Acetone... try it on a little patch first.
  5. Cigarette ash and a bit of spit.
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  6. Move this to the NAAFI as I have a cracking rehash of the first para ready. Otherwise, you can just use the same marker to take the old marker off.
  7. Suncorite paint?
  8. AL11 or nail polish remover, failing that aftershave
  9. Try Meths. to start with.

    If it is on textured plastic give it a scrub with an old toothbrush
  10. Going over it with non-permi, or alcho wipes.
  11. Solvent-based paint stripper (not the stuff based on caustic or you'll be deep in the cacky).

    Sniff it, if you're eyes rotate in different directions then it'll work.

    Failing that, as above, acetone.
  12. Tried it ... didn't work. Works good on fablon though!
  13. Surgical sprit normally shifts most things, it's what I'd try first.
  14. I've had good results with electrical contact cleaner, "Electrolube" or something similar.
  15. We used to take perma pen map markings off map traces, (It happens) using make up remover pads. I think they are alcohol based items, so the previous posts have the way of it.