Permanent Erection

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Wonk_Mog, Dec 23, 2010.

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  1. Its that brilliant time of year again, I get to do loads of house visits/deliveries and all the young bits are home from Uni, answering the door in t shirt and knickers. Also there are loads of mothers and daughters out in there skin tight clothes. I stop off for a wonk at least 6 times a day at the sight. Anybody else see this or are you all blind.
  2. I see it but my advancing years require a long start up time and the cold weather doesn't help.
  3. I think it would be safe to say the we errr... move in different circles my friend.
  4. How do you think we all became blind?
  5. Must be blind; haven't seen you wanking yet - so far - this festive season.
  6. Six times! I hope you wear gloves when you are working so the stuff doesn't get sticky and your firm doesn't have satnav on your motor. They might wanna know why you keep stopping.
  7. For every tight tee shirt and knicker combo wearing girlie student door opener, surely you must experience an equal number of bulging Y front and tight singlet door openers also. Therefore this surely counter-balances your enthusiasm, perhaps reducing your permanent erection to a consistent semi?
  8. I'll make sure I'm fully dressed next time the mail man knocks on the door. But he does come early ;-)

  9. Your deliveryman's premature problems are not ours TPBD! Perhaps he needs less stimulation? :)
  10. Nah, you dont get many around belfast or antrim. And its usually the wimmen who sign for them. But I'm sure what you said would appeal to some. Yourself perhaps?
  11. For me every tight clothes wearing fit one there is her larger mate, remember even the QE2 has a tugboat nearby
  12. Checkout some of the milfs and daughters
  13. Trust me I do
  14. WM, I stand comfortably in the sexual camp they call hetro (not that i have anything against our flaming sisters, of course).
    Having said that, if i open my front door to you displaying my more than ample moose knuckle and chisled pecks, your old chap would be harder than a quiz night with katie price. This in turn would lead you to massive amounts of inner confusion and deep turmoil as to which team you now want to play for, and sadly your ultimate and premature demise via the top of a multi-storie car park.
  15. So you are the fella who keeps coincidentally delivering things to my door when I've just got out of the shower and there is no-one else to open the door :blush: