Discussion in 'REME' started by Crafty990, May 20, 2006.

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  1. 2 weeks ago our junior ranks bar was taken over by Aramark and the price of a pint went up to £1.90. While this might not be massively expensive, the price before the takeover was £1.20. This got me thinking, now that we don't get cheap drink anymore, PAYD is coming in, the new pension scheme has arrived, the LSSA bonuses have been binned, JPA, all the old ways are on the way out. Just what, apart from the social life, are the perks of being in the modern British army? I can't think of many.
  2. All expense paid 6 month holidays to Afghanistan and Iraq.

    A fair and just Pay system accurately reflecting the skills and hardships of service life.

    Top quality single and married accommodation in the most exclusive areas of Britain and Germany.

    An effective housing contract repair organisation, employing only the most skilled labourers who will not only turn up when promised but able to repair said fault on the spot.

    Free overnight stays in the local guardroom, including a scenic tour of the camp every 2 hours.

    All the most gucci clothing and equipment you will ever need throughout your career.

    The most up to date tools so that you can carry out your job efficiently and effectively.

    IT infrastructure at the peak of technology, available for all to use.

    An efficient Pay and Administration department handily located 170 miles from the nearest Garrison town and as far North as it could be placed, all staff are highly trained and able to answer and solve any queries instantly on the phone.

    High level planning by the chain of command avoiding all those last things on a Friday afternoon.

    Highly trained drivers able to take a vehicle from point a to point b without crashing said vehicle, with prompt fault reporting again to avoid all those's.

    Highly motivated and trained troops, willing to undertake all tasks given to them without gobbing off.

    Need I go on!!!!!!!!
  3. /\ /\ /\

    Nothing's changed then I see....
  4. Think you have hit the nail on the head Crafty990, the perks have been decreasing slowly but surely over the years, think of the incentives now to join the REME, earn the same money as a lot of other less busy folk within the army with responsibility/ accountability not taken into account at class 1 level. First on the tank park/shop floor, last out.

    Sqn/LAD bars slowly becoming a thing of the past due to NAAFI/ARAMARK.

    Multiple tours due to more frequent postings to different units going/coming off ops.

    Need i go on??

    Class post Soldier1(UK), pretty much spot on.....

    Been in civvy street 18 months now, pay has never been messed up, up to date equipment, admin on the ball, more money....

    Something going wrong somewhere??
  5. Like many old and bold I'm of the opinion that the ship is definitely sinking, however, before you start firing up the Carol Carpenter CD and we all bring out the tissues allow me to play devil's advocate for a moment:

    2 weeks ago our junior ranks bar was taken over by Aramark and the price of a pint went up to £1.90. While this might not be massively expensive, the price before the takeover was £1.20.

    If you were paying £1.20 then lucky you. I was paying more than that as a Cfn in '89 and the closest I've got since is in the Sgts' Mess which lest not forget means a monthly subscription in the form of a mess bill. Granted £1.90 is a fair hike but still considerably cheaper than your local.

    PAYD is coming in

    Errrr, hello.....what is negative about that, am I missing something? For once the Army listened to what the singlies wanted and tried to give it to them. You're only going to pay for the meals you take so no more weekend missed meals, you're still going to get subsidised so it's cheaper than the high street, and your cookhouse is going to be refurbed so it doesn't look like a hospital cafe.

    the new pension scheme has arrived

    It sure has and you were lucky enough to be able to opt out of it so it shouldn't bother you too much. Granted the pension may not be as good as it used to be but take a look around you and see how many final salary pensions are left, not many, we are in a fortunate minority. Let's for a minute take a look at the figures; if you do a full career and leave as a SNCO and live to the national average of 78, you will draw somewhere between £350-400K in pension. That means every year of those 22 that you spent in the Army they effectively gave you an extra £15-18K on top of your wages. Doesn't sound quite so sh*te now does it.

    the LSSA bonuses have been binned

    You win on that one. The replacement to LSSA known as LSA also has a 100 day qualifying period which is a bit of a shafting, there is a flip side though, for those poor sods that’ve spent more time on tour than the Rolling Stones there are extra levels so you won't top out at the higher rate any more. Of course we could always go back to how it was when I was a Crafty and singlies got bugger all, only the pads got separation allowance.


    Sure, no doubt this will be a cluster to start with as most new systems are. Personally the ability to self-service the admin when I can gets my vote, plus the equal monthly pay, how depressing is it looking at a 28-day Feb pay statement and knowing its got to last you through a 31-day March. If everyone's using a single system then fingers crossed there's less paper and less to go wrong; I'm sure you won't be complaining when your MMA claim is in the bank after 4-days instead of 4-weeks.

    So there you have it, food for thought. I won't bother towing the party line with the 'Tiffy to disenchanted Junior' motivational chat, you already know that the pay is pretty good, the jobs pretty secure, you're going to get civvy quals etc etc.

    At the end of the day things change, we don't like it but that's life, how do you think I feel watching soldiers going through a 1-day PAAB at the end of their Class 1! You know the story by now my friend, if you don’t like it vote with your feet. :arrow:
  6. Come in number 5, your time is up!!!

    Karen Carpenter is a lot better for when slitting the old pipes.


    A couple of points;

    Err..hello.. PAYD is tantamount to inviting the mafia to run your Business - no competiton - wants its cut of the essentials - hikes its prices up after a honeymoon period - bleeds you dry - makes money on a captive audience etc etc.
    In Fally its its a joke, God forbid if they manage to get rid of Sqn/Coy bars, then they will really have us by the testies, oh thats right, you can only get stock through the Mafia!!

    PAYD is a step forward but lets not dress it up for what it ain't

    £ 1.90 for a pint, not in my local and yes, I am Northern and I can pay £2.50 - £3.50 in any bar 5 miles down the road if I want to, but like I said, not in my Local and thats what his bar is!

    The pension is not quite full final salary is it. Its not the "gold plated" version that Broonie is banging on about. we accrue 22/37 of our final salary which in real terms means 1/3 of our final pay due to being hoofed out after 22, its good but not fantastic to find yourself looking for work at 40 - 45 is it.

    If you live to 78 PM me and I will love to agree with you. (now if your were a postie with the Royal Mail or a whinging Fireman Sam it would different and you would be a made man).

    LSSA bonuses :evil:

    JPA - AGC rebalancing pure and simple - we can get paid 12 equal payments a month with out this malarkey.
    "Where are your blokes?"
    "Sorting their pay out in t'internet suite"
    "Get them on the wagons they can do it in NAAFI break, or lunch, or even after work"
    "Just like the civvies, eh Boss"
    "Yeah - right I'm off to go and try and claim for leave, it takes ages doesn't it"
    "Ask Cpl Shinyarrse he used to be a Clerk"
    "You mean he's a Subject Matter Expert!!, I tell you what pull him off the shop floor and he can do everyones, it will save time all round and stop the knuckle draggers oiling the keyboards up"
    "What, you mean like a Clerk Boss? what a good idea"

    Devils advocate or not, you really don't believe this do you? :salut:

    Whinging is the Toms way of saying its crap, if he didn't whinge they would think everything was all right and nothing would change for the better. Then we may as well be French!!

    Tiff Mister - repeat the following in an increasing louder Dalek type voice - "You will serve or sign will serve or sign off.......

    You weren't in charge of the Gun on the last day were you? Its just that, your number seems strangely familiar............ :thumright:
  7. I know that the PAYD system that will be installed in our cookhouse in October will be café like set up with a till at the end of the hot plate (don't know if this is the same everywhere as I've heard rumours of top-up cards and such). This will be a complete cluster as you'll have the young lads, who will brassic after millionnaires weekend, having to bang their tabs in to the RAO every month claiming "starving soldier" and being given a chit. the rest of us will be paying top dollar due to the monopoly they will have over us. I for one say leave it as it is.
  8. I was speaking to our Aussie exchange bloke the other day and he was explaining how when their lads do a 6-month stint in Iraq, they can expect to return with a whopping £35000 in their account opposed to our £7000-ish. he couldnt believe we get on average about an extra £10 a day for being over there. In his words, "yer' bein' bammed boi yer gavarnment mate!" (aussie accent :roll: ) I had to agree.
  9. wedge nice to see you have mellowed with age and rank, would normaly have had a few cxxts and txxts thrown in for fun in that reply in our younger days. Good to see the old school still giving as good as it gets.

    dinasours r us lol.

  10. Wedge_not_Sapper, you’re still taking life far too seriously fella, just like in the group discussion, still chopsing off just for the sake of being heard by the DS, I thought you might have changed by now.

    Anyway, did you read the brief; I never said I believed any of it:

    devil's advocate

    n: someone who takes the worse side just for the sake of argument.

    Cheers for pointing out the Karen Carpenter error though, I don’t have the advantage of owning the LP; mind you if I were you I’d learn to spell competition and how to use an apostrophe before I started a pissing contest. :study:

    Agreed on the PAYD scenario, no doubt price hikes will follow, heaven forbid our singlie friends end up paying ‘real world’ prices for their scoff. After all the MOD always subsidises my weekly food shop at Tesco! :roll:

    Reference being in charge of the gun, it could have been me. If the number 5 you remember was screaming at you to get out of the water trough when you fell off the rope then yeah, that was me. :frustrated:
  11. Calm down Tiger.

    who's holding on too tight here me or you?

    Black, 42, mate, so, I doubt tHe gro,up discussi'on thing or the A,ssault coursE.

    Devil's advocate my arrse. Admit it you believe just about everything you said.

    And no, I'm not starting a Pissing compit....competis....contest.

    Chill baby.
  12. So what are the perks of joining the modern day British army then? It certainly aint recognition of servive by the population. It aint the money. It aint the accomodation nor the career management.
  13. i was Black 42 as well, i didnt pass!! :D
  14. What perks should be introduced to serving members of the forces then?

    TV license exemption if you live in?
  15. I have just returned from Javelin Barracks, formerly RAK Bruggen, where I was taking part in Magnum Spirit. I went into the cookhouse and chose two slices of bread and beans. To wit beans on toast. I put a\slice of black pudding on because I like it. Went to the till, it was PAYD, and was told i owe 85 cents! After much growling and barking it wasrevealed that certain items available in a PAYD dining room were within the normal entitlement for meals. This included duty and exercise meals where entitled such as courses.

    Was I pissedd off? I nearly ripped the poor guys throat out and fed him to my pups! Granted it was a long time since I was a full time singlie but to be told that I have to pay for a piece of food when I have a meal well below the normal entitlement for a meal really gets my hackles up!

    Perks? my arrse!! the only perk you get now is a "perk" in the eye.