Perils of Fat Munters

For Scaley Albereto and his band of fat munter-loving mates. This is what happens when you upset the whales:

Linky Thingy

It's a terrible thing to admit that you've had some great sex from fat birds - there's just so little performance anxiety that you can bring your best game to the event.

....and they are so appreciative. Except this one, obviously.

[As an aside, every year blokes get broken wingwangs from some fat bird sitting on it at "missing". I've seen the pictures, and it is truly horrendous. Don't let them (try to) get on top).
Domestic violence the article said...... How? 21st bird Vs 8st bloke

If things got out of hand, she would only need to sit on him!

Oh, she did.

Only in America
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