Perhaps yet another walt thread, perhaps not.


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There was a chap who joined 3 Queen's many moons ago (1990) on an TA 'S' type engagement that went by the name of 'Adams' or 'Beaver'.

Bit of a fat waster who'd needed a couple of therapeutic slaps during his tenure with that regiment.

Anyhoo, he keeps popping up out of the woodwork like a bad penny, and every year he's done something else.

About 3 years ago this tube had been a PMC for a bit, then a couple of years ago he'd joined a Scottish regiment, and the latest wheeze (as of today) is that he's just got back from ops with the Royal Welsh, who he told me are staying at Colchester at the moment.

As he's standing there, I did the usual bit: "Howdo chum, hows the heroic thing going on? Got any MiDs, MCs, VCs or any other heroic medals or awards or anything lately?"

He came back straightaway with "Well, yes, I got an MiD in 1988 in NI, obviously, but since my most recent tour in the 'Stan, when I got IED'd and a clot on the brain, (was in Selly Oak for 4 days too), so I can't remember the specifics, but I do know I've got an MC on its way to me too. Watch me on telly on 1st Decembet as my current regiment gets the freedom of Colchester - I'll be in the parade. I'm a Platoon Sgt these days dont'cha know!".

Now, I made it quite clear how impressed I was too, and that I'd help hoim out by finding online his MiD so I could remind him of what it was for, as well as mentioning him to the Great Community of ARRSE, as I was sure someone on there would know him.

Sooo - over to you. Who's got grand tales to tell of 'Beaver', ex 5 Queens, 'S' Type 3 Queens and all points on the compass since?

I will be very, very humble indeed if I'm proved wrong, but I've got him pegged as the worst kind of BS'er - albeit he HAS served. That I do know, so the ordinary 'Walt' term may be pushing it a bit.


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Nor did I - I'm just fishing at the moment.
2royal welsh have just got back from Afghanistan but there barracks are in wiltshire,not colchester.
Northwales93 said:
2royal welsh have just got back from Afghanistan but there barracks are in wiltshire,not colchester.
That'll do for me..... STONE HIM, STONE HIM!!!!!!!

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