Perhaps Israel Was Readying an Air Strike?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by geezer466, Dec 3, 2007.

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  1. BBC Report
    Not like the Americans to 'play down' the situation.

    There is obviously something going on behind the scenes we are not yet privvy too.
  2. They have probably decided to better spend their energies dealing with Pakistan's real nukes rather than Iran's hypothetical ones.
  3. I agree Geezer..
    I watched the 6.00pm News and Iran are still making Uranium but the Americans are saying it could be for peaceful purposes...
    Some soft words to play down the whole situation me thinks.....
    some behind the scenes talks going on....
    Mind you ..Ahmadinejad the Iranian president is mad as a barking fish....
  4. so the spams of gone from DEFCON War Footing to yawn, yea chill, no worries? fight no not us gov'ner. must be them over there

    ermm ok then, who are you trying to fool? The Iranians (plausable) but not sure
  5. Maybe they discovered that the Iranians were only secretly producing Nike material for footwear, not Nuke material for warfare.
  6. I'm going to venture a guess that Iran conceded to something that we are unaware of and this is the US ratcheting down the war rhetoric.

    This is definitely a perplexing move with questionable motives.
  7. Maybe it's related to the ongoing Palestine talks?
  8. Got to admit, this one took me completely by surprise. Pretty much the LAST thing I expected to hear while The Shaved Chimp(apologies to Chimpanzee's)was still in power. 8O

    Tinfoil Hat time: far more to this than we are being told... :?
  9. Pretty much exactly what I was thinking. If the US were to attack Iran, let alone if Israel participated, then a large section of the Middle East is going to get the hump big time and they can say goodbye to their new Palestinian-Israel peace talks. This way they get out of having to make a decision about striking Iran and leave it for the next administration whomever that might be.
  10. I'd rather the Israelies got the Iran job personally - less chance of it being fcuked up by some gungho tw@t who thought Top Gun was a training aide!
  11. WilieCayote wrote

    Ahmadinejad the Iranian president is mad as a barking fish....

    Now let me see Blair .... Brown .... Bush .... em not a lot to choose between them really
  12. For all the money the Yanks spend on intelligence, historically speaking, their eyes have rarely been on the ball when it comes to WMDs.

    India and Pakistan are named in the Haaretz article. Israel's nuke program under French assistance was also missed. So was the state of progress of Iraq's in Gulf War II. North Korea's nuclear programme right under the nose of US aid from President Clinton too. Russian theft of nuclear secrets from sympathetic US scientists during the Cold War; only recently have the scientists been brought to justice.

    My memory of history doesn't go so far back but it would be interesting to know about how the US reacted to nukes appearing in USSR, China and South Africa, or chemical/biological weapons by Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan.