Perhaps a bit of good news (not Olympics based)

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Joker62, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. But she wasn't working unpaid. What was she receiving from the taxpayer, Scotch mist?
  2. Good, I'd love to have seen the look on that stupid bint Cait Reillys face when the judge made his decision!
  3. that's free money that people think they're entitled to, idle creatures make me sick. I'd have them all doing 12 hours every day until they decided work was preferable.
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  4. Two down, millions more to go ^^ Let slip the dogs of the DWP and unleash WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. I think she has mede herself unemployable now
  6. I'm curious as to her employment history (or lack of) before, during & after finishing university.

    Wouldn't this just set a precedent though in that, rather than private companies paying people 40 hours minimum wage a week (or whatever) they can just acquire cheaper manual labour through schemes such as the one described?
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  7. Oh for fucks sake not this again, lets explain this simply for those who move their lips as they read the thread.

    The actual work scheme was in it's self lawful, was from the beggining.

    What the DWP failed to mention that it was in fact entirely voluntary and that she had a right to leave and it not effect her benefits, that was the case then this remains the case now. This is because slavery is illegal in the UK and has been for few centuries now, the work house is also now illegal and classed as slavery.

    So can we despense with the fascist wank fantasies about work houses?

    You were wrong in the other thread and you are even more wrong in this one.
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  8. Quite right we should hang them.
  9. Certainly cheaper than feeding them and allowing them to breed.
  10. Fuck hanging them some of them are that fat the cost of rope would be to much, just starve them all to death. Or make them fight for food in a large stadium.

    I reckon it would make a killing and is potentially the best money making idea since someone decided to put the Christians and the lions in the same show
  11. Chocolate frog would be able to advise on work camps and such like i'm sure.
  12. And why are you not talking about the olympics?

    This event will make Britain so much better AND will solve all our problems.

    Seriously, make the work shy smelly dossers do unpaid work in a chain gang.

    They would make a good target at the side of the road
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  13. Correct. You've got to love this site though, heh, there's the crypto-fascists, then there's the naughty little tinkers who rouse the crypto-fascists, then there's the ones who like to poke a toe in and then run and hide behind a crypto-fascist. Not to mention the fascists. Or the naughty little tinkers....

    The ruling's most salient point, which the DWP will vigorously refute, is that they produced incorrect, misleading and ultimately unlawful information to the affected claimants. Fahsends of 'em. Stopped their benefits. Now they're, you're, we're probably going to have to make it up to them.

    Unpaid work scheme ruling at high court could prompt wave of benefit rebates | Society |

    Any of that fucking Bollinger left?

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