performance related pay

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by bitterandtwisted, Oct 30, 2005.

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  1. Not to open a can of the preverbial worms. But i have had shat week at work and i need vent my anger.
    But I am in firm belief that there should now be performance related pay. because there are too many fecking :evil: oxygen thiefs in this mans army. If your not fit and not content to do something about it - then the X factor out your pay should be removed. If some horrible fooker is just basically taking the piss and they have been placed on AGAI 67 and then the weasel goes sick and be bedded down so they cannot be placed on duty. And the maggot states to u that they are going sick because you have punished them during the disciplinary interview. Makes my blood boil. :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: TO ANY UNGENIUNE SICK CHIT PEOPLE WHO ARE ILDE FAT AND LAZY AND DRAW THE QUEENS WAGES - YOU ARE NOT SOLDIERS !!!! IF I HAD THE POWER I WOULD HAVE YOUR WAGES HALVED. PLEASE NOTE THE WORD UNGENUINE !!!! There are some poeple like this in my unit who do this- i think that they should mill with eighteen ounces gloves on with another ungeniune sicky until claret is spilt on the carpet. RED TAPE - when are these do gooders at MOD get there arrses from they fluffy pillows reliase that if people join as soldiers they should be treated as soldiers not molly coddled. I am afriad to bollock any soldier now because they have too many rights now. Total bollox.. Now its come in pte snodgrass have a seat would you like a cup of tea. Oh come and cry on my shoulder has the poor Sergeant been working you hard??? IF THEY DONT LIKE IT GET FOOOKERS TO PUT THIER 6848 in.

    well my reply to that soldier would be HERE IS THE PADRE'S NUMBER TELL SOME ONE WHO GIVES A F@CK
    I got a good shoeing as tom for gobbing off at my section fullscrew, ah those were the days............i feel better now :wink:

    P.s heard a classic today: Pte x smashes a taxi drivers window piszed up and the civvie coppers tip up. The aforementioned tom says to the coppers 'when you come off shift i am going to follow you and kill you'. Old german plod didnt take to this too kindly decided to take him down the cells and give him a good shoeing!! O how did I chortle - shame thier isnt more of that!
  2. fair one.
  3. Simple answer yes, technical answer no, how many more civil servants taking money out of the pitiful defence budget would be needed to administer it!
  4. Performance related pay, YES.
    Medical Condition related pay, Nope.

    Ive been D/G'd for over 10 years now, through no fault of my own. I last did the annual fitness test when it was a BFT and CFT. I doubt I could pass one at all in the 5 or so years Ive got left.

    I will however work all the hours God sends to get the job done. Unlike the more than a few of the Corps who forget the Oath they swore, the Esprit de Corps theyre *meant* to hold, and would prefer to knock off at any available opportunity, do half hearted jobs, and have to be babysat whenever we go on exercise or tour

    Bring back some of the old guys. The 15 year Sappers / Privates who could take a section from the Sarge and run it just as effectively. Bring back the Sprogs who would actually listen and learn. And bring back FD!

    Performance related pay?

    You'd only end up with some twazzock crying to the European Parliament about it.
    :x :x
  5. Fatbadge dont get me wrong i know some fecking soldiers who dg are better than some of the fe ones. That is not my gripe - its these muthers that play system >>>>>they grip my sh1t. I know that no proffesional soldier wants to be DG, I understand that, I have been injured myself but i have made effort to recover. I know some people are permanantly DG. I have mate whom is permanantly DG, falklands vet, one of the youngs booties there at the time. I know this man as trusted friend and by Feck what professional man he is!! I I just hate the pumpers who take the wages and buck the system.
  6. performance related pay???

    isnt that called promotion?
  7. We would like to think so, however nowadays it seems not.
  8. Mate, YOU couldn't afford performance-related pay - you'd end up owing the ARMY money every month! :wink:
  9. Can't be arrsed to read the thread. As a youngster in industry and not afraid of performance related pay I was all for it. My other foremen and women with years experience were all against it on the grounds that the people that got it were the brown noses rather than the ones that deserved it.

    Things ain't changed. Sack the wankers and pay the rest the going rate.
  10. [/quote] Mate, YOU couldn't afford performance-related pay - you'd end up owing the ARMY money every month! :wink:[/quote]
    f@cking the says the man who draws wages under false pretenses everyday.. ill come and poo in your in tray!!!
  11. It will only get worse fellas, i've just passed my B3 course and theres a guy passing out with us that has missed every physical activity since halfway through the course and missed the final exercise, but apparantly still deserves his stable belt. makes my blood fucking boil.
    Ive only been in the army 6 months and the attitude of most of the recruits pisses me off. "thats not fair" shut up you little cunt!!
  12. If performance related pay were introduced to the Army, many would be on benefits.