Performance of US Infanty weapons in Iraq

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by AndyPipkin, Nov 17, 2005.

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  1. it sounds to me like the same old arguments...

    their M16 rifle's reliability problems. it's a 40 ******* year old weapon system ffs, what do they expect? also it IS in iraq with their talcum-powder-like sand. as for the moan about 5.56 mm...that's a different debate entirely. everyone loves the hitting power of 7.62, but do you try firing full automatic. the recoil would be horrendous. plus limited ammo carrying capacity. 5.56 is a good cartridge, the problem is people shooting beyond its lethality. we've all seen videos of the spams engaging something at 600+ meters away. fs at that range nothing short of a sniper/gpmg would do, and even then you'd want bigger.

    the stuff about their m249. i can't really comment on that for i've never used it, but from the sounds of things it sounds like a good gun (in theory -- belt fed LMG, easily mobile. brilliant idea!) but obvious reliability. here's a funny bone, have there been reports of our FN Minimi para models jamming like that? or is it just the american variant of the gun?

    re: the beretta 9mm. people are never happy with pistol calibre. they want a larger calibre. then they moan about penetration and ammo capacity. so they get a smaller calibre, so then they moan about stopping power. ffs, they're never happy!

    all in all, it seems that the spams are never happy with their kit. [queue american dissing]
  2. Does this sound like -
    Can we have an SLR (7.62) please ?
    Or even - If we were well trained, could we please have a Lee-Enfield .303 ?

    My father in law loves his .577 elephant gun......But he shoots elephants.
  3. imo, the army should rush in 6.8mm remmington SPC and then tell everyone to make do and shut up about 'hitting power'.
  4. I was sent this a while back (before it was in the news) and it's no real surprise is it? Squaddies who are actually on the ground having to react to enemy fire want reliable weapons with stopping power and penetration. That goes without saying.

    The thing is, in peacetime when the weapons have to be dragged round, can be looked after and only really have to make a noise and perforate a target, the lighter and gucchier the better. One day they'll invent the weapon that's small and light, but where the caliber and round weight increases the nearer you get to the enemy. Sorted!
  5. how about a phaser from star trek.

    that'll do. just vaporize the bastards.
  6. They'll never allow that. They'll have no evidence to bring anyone up in court for. A phaser won't leave any body and you can't go on trial for murder if....... hold on, They can drag you up for murder without a body, evidence or witnesses, they've done it before haven't they?
  7. Yeah, its a great article. Unfortunately, ladies and gentlemen, its already been proven, over, and over, and over again to be fake...
  8. A fake, really? What about the stuff about M14's being re-issued. I've also seen pics of GI's in Iraq at a checkpoint, carrying their M16s/M4's, but with an AK47 handy 'just in case'.
  9. The email has been making the rounds of the bulletin boards, it's been fairly comprehensively demolished, particularly on firearms and military fora.

    Some of the comments (such as the M14/M21) might be acceptable if Army, but they are on much smaller issue in the USMC. As for .45s, forget it. I saw one in the whole year I was there, and it was an unauthorised sidearm. Nobody complained about their M16s, or their M249s.

    Hunt around a litle bit, you'll find a fair few threads on other boards on this email. It's either politically motivated (Old stuff good, newfangled stuff bad) or it's a 19-year-old spouting off about things he doesn't really know about.

  10. maybe the author of that page is a heckler and koch employee...trying to get people to believe that colt weapons are a pile of tosh and speed through a HK deal with the US army?
  11. I could swear that its only american "troops" (as they claimmmmm) who seem to complain about "omg if i shoot him with a 5.56 he'll just get up and walk away! i was shot 8 times with 5.56 and lived! 7.62 and bigger is the only calibre that will kill people.45 is da roxxors!" etc. In fact i dont think ive ever heard Our guys talking about the many intricacies of weaponry aside from

    "Just shoot the twat centre mass when he drops move to the next one"
    "The weapon is cleaned before you are allowed to eat, sleep or even have one off!"

    and other classic sayings