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Hi all,

I have had a friend of mine tell me about this fairly new company that make in his opinion the best base layer clothing in existance, so being sceptical i thought i would try this for myself so i ordered myself a t-shirt base layer top. Anyway i wore the top last weekend and all i can say is wow this top is genius when you put in on i keeps you warm but feels just like your skins warm and then as you sweat (and i sweat like a really sweaty person) the sweat is just wicked away, i got a bit moist when i started running during my hike but once i stopped running the air getting to the top dried it of quickly.
There are only two worries with this top and these are that in is a polymer material and i think would melt if in a fire, but i need to check this with the company and the material also feels a bit delicate like rough use could damage and rip the material.

anyway i just thought i would share this info with you all incase you are looking for an extremly good base layer.

so if your interested goto zensah the product i got was 8100T SEAMLESS TACTICAL COMPRESSION SHIRT but i will be getting others as the need arises.

oh and incase your wondering i have no affiliation for this company, I just liked the product and thought some of you might too.

As worn by the 'Over There' cast, no less...

Did you buy online, and do they ship to the UK? And in your opinion are they comparible to Helly Hansens, Smart Wool & other such tops?


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They look remarkably similar to Under Armour kit. Available from a PX near you now!
You said it dried once the air got to it, In my (limited) experience. getting the air to it is the problem anyway! and if the next layer up isnt breathable any wicking properties are quickly nullified.

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