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Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by Tom9748, Jul 22, 2010.

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  1. Knowing nothing about whats under a car bonnet,will fitting a performance air filter ( K and N) increase horsepower and acceleration ??
  2. Depends what the car is but on is own the effect will be barely noticable with most cars.
  3. What car do you have?
  4. 2010 Volvo C30, 2ltr diesel
  5. No.

    If increasing horsepower (and therefore the saleability of a car) were as simple as fitting a slightly different air filter, don't you think the manufacturer would have done it?

    Like all tuning parts, they only make a difference as part of a full engine tune.
  6. Yeah fair one,great believer in asking before buying no matter how bone the question.
  7. K&Ns seem to cost quite a bit. Some of my pals have fitted them to Self Build Motorhomes and have claimed good results.
    My view is that you could change a lot of air filters for that sort of money.
    Mattb and jagman are quite right in what they say. You would better of looking at having a proper fuel pump set up and injector service before you ever spend out on filters. When I did a Smiley Transit I was getting around 37 to 38mpg: Before that, I was lucky to get 31mpg
    Another good one is to have the engine re-mapped or re-chipped. It has made a heck of a difference to my Fiat 2.8L Turbo diesel
  8. If you are in the Milton Keynes area contact Thorneycroft Racing, they do a lot of performance work for Vauxhalls & BMW's as they race them.

    They may be able to advise for VOLVO or know a man who does.

    Contact tel No; 01908 238798
    Thorney Motorsport - UK's Leading BMW & Vauxhall Tuning & Racing Specialist
  9. It won't make a blind bit of difference on a turbo engine. A turbo will quite happily suck it's way through a dirty or clean filter. A "performance" filter will be a waste of money. If you want more power out of your lump then a superchip is your answer for a decent gain without too much effort.
  10. Won’t transform your car into a beastie, but IMO not a bad move. From £28 delivered – ebay – you get a relative ‘fit-and-forget’ filter that helps rather than hinders. With the price of fuel most minor improvements tend to pay for themselves that bit quicker these days.

    Something to avoid are the bogus ‘chips’ for a few quid – if applicable to Diesels?. They’re NOT ‘chips’, they’re just a ten-a-penny resistor (usually K3300 I think) that essentially enriches the mix – till most car’s EMC compensates.

  11. Not gonna get you any real performance gain but you you get to put a K&N sticker on your car, the sticker alone is worth 40bhp ;)
  12. Diesels are very good cars to remap, you can get quite a difference out of the performance with them. Air filters aren't going to add 50hp to the car, 2-3 at most if at all, but they won't harm the car.
  13. They are washable as well so you won't loose money on one as it will pay for itself come next service time, just wash it and re-oil rather than buying a new stock paper filter
  14. Thanks for the info fellas.
    Plan B,chipped/remapped again I no not a jot what they are/do.Anyone out there use/had these done to there car? Prices and any decent companys around London/Reading area would be appreciated.
  15. There are a couple of option for you but the main ones are Superchips and TDI-Tuning, basically you buy the ECU plug in box (circa £100) then get it mapped on a rolling road.

    standard ECU's are mapped at factory with for economy, loise levels and emisions so they run the engine slightly lean or rich in different parts of the rev range to get through the test, once the box is remapped it will run closer to ideal air/fuel mixture throughout the rev range and give you an increase in performance.

    It's a deisal so don't expect massive changes in your BHP figures because your engine has a small rev range but you will get a healthy increase in torque so your car will pull better.

    Mapping time on a rolling road will depend on how long it takes to get the fueling right but a couple of hours @ about £40/£50 an hour should do the job.

    So all in a couple of hundred quid and a morning at the rolling road and you should be cooking with hexy, oh and you should get a small increase in fuel economy as an added bonus

    superchips sites and tdi-tuning should have local rolling road addresses, you should be able to buy the chip from them as well.