Perfidious Frogs

I know that this has been done before, but I am currently working for a 2* UK General who is a top bloke. Under him is a stinking, devious and untrustworthy Frog who is desperately trying to undermine everything the Brits and Americans do in this Theatre.

They may call us 'perfidious Albion', but I have never come across such a bunch of lying, disloyal and untrustworthy cnuts as the French.

Can people recommend ways of dealing with the Garlic Munchers? ZyclonB, Anthrax and Sarin excluded. 8O
No. This is placed here for a reason. The counteraction of the Gallic influence is important. While I accept that there will be a large amount of (justified) Frog bashing, the French attempts at subverting our influence and attacking our interests abroad (e.g. selling nuclear and chemical secrets to Saddam, then using the UN to try and stop us discovering what the lying little sh1ts have been up to) require a response.

The Frogs attempts to be an 'international power' have sown chaos throughout Central Africa and the Middle East. Why? Because I believe that they are not concerned with what is good for France or Europe, but that they are consumed by a hatred of all things Anglo-Saxon (especially USA). As such their foreign policy is dictated by bile and prejudice rather than benevolence (and always has been)
A very revealing link. I will dispute that the "girlfriends" will be "heartbreakingly beautiful girlfriends" unless you provide proof that they have recruited from Latvia, Ukraine or Hungary.

On a serious note: the frog bast@rd is on the verge of destroying 9 months of confidence and capacity building. Any top tips on office politics/underhand tricks that I can use to neutralise this piece of stinking fromage?
I feel your pain Dread. I know that in DS we didnt trust them at all. Every time they came to hq the maps were covered. There is a story going around that the French offered 18,000 troops for iraq in 2002. The catch was they wanted exclusive control over a geographical area. The story goes the US had a taste of the French in Bosnia working their own agenda and didnt want a repeat in Iraq.

My suggestion would be the following:

1. smile and be courteous
2. be professional
3. if there is something of a nature you dont want the frogs to know about have those meetings at a seperate location.
4. have sensitive meetings when French are away from the office.

Good luck.
Alternatively, just twat the f*cker. If you can't work out how to do that and not get caught, you deserve to be sneered at in perpetuity by M. Jean Crapaud.
Get a German posted in, that will worry the B@stard !
Have solved the problem. 'Accidentally' bumped into my 2* when he had a few spare minutes and when he politely asked me how my projects were going I gave him a full brief. He seemed happy with what I said and asked for a full brief the next day. After talking with MA and boss's driver it turns out that the frog has been witholding 80% of the information about what I have been up to for the past 9 months.

I duly gave the brief (the frog was present but holding his tongue) and the Boss agreed with everything I put forward (and later said I was being a bit conservative with some measures and he wants faster capacity building and transfer of powers). The gallic soap dodger has not spoken to me since :)

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