Perfect Test Match cricket

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by slipperman, Jul 25, 2011.

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  1. Anyone else absorbed by the events currently unfolding at Lords? I was almost tempted to travel up to London this morning to watch it "live", but, judging by the TV shots of the queues, I am glad I stayed put to watch on Sky!
    England looking on course to win the match, but wouldn't it be perfect to see Tendulkar score his 100th International hundred in a lost cause for his team?
    Whatever the outcome, it is great to see a packed Lords on day 5 of a Test. Fantastic sport.

    On the downside, I can't believe the football season has started again already!!
  2. I only watch it in the hope of catching a snippet of Wisdom from our one and only local Man,
    Sir Geoffrey of Boycott...........cracking game, though.

    Only one more win after this??? and we're top 'o the Pile, how good is that?
  3. In an agony of indecision. "Work from home" in a pub with Sky or stay in the office and listen to TMS? Doing the latter now, but may have to do the former if Tendulkar gets past 50....
  4. Ah, Sir Geoffrey. Always guaranteed to either make you smile or choke! Remember his words of wisdom about Michael Yardy when he returned home early due to "stress/depression"? Something along the lines of "if he can't hack it, he shouldn't be playing" or similar. He stood out in that almost every other commentator was expressing sympathy, but that is not Geoffrey's style. Always good value, if a bit controversial.
    Back to the match, Tendulkar was plumb LBW to Broad just now - no review system in place for LBW! The Indians will be breathing a huge sigh of relief at the moment.
  5. True, Slips, True, he said virtually the same about Trescothick, for all his faults we need folk
    like Geoff, not afraid to put his point/thoughts across even though the Brain has not engaged
    before the mouth opens sometimes.

    You got to hand it to him, though, he shoots from the Hip.
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  6. Tendulkar's gone! That's me condemned to the office and TMS. A pity for him, but an England victory must be on the cards now.
  7. I felt a little deflated to be honest. Jimmy Anderson is my favourite bowler and it is great to see him in the wickets, but I really wanted to see the "litttle master" get his ton.
    Having said that, Tendulkar went 30-odd balls without scoring and looked really nervous, so it was never going to happen today. Come on England!!
  8. It is a shame, his last slog at Lords, I think all aficionados would have loved to see a big score
    but 12 in 67 Balls it was always on the cards, I bet Broady is cursing like a good 'un, well done
    to Anderson.........will it be a collapse now?

    Good Ovation for the Little Master though.
  9. Well done England! Bowling out India for under 300 in each innings is a fantastic performance. Looking forward to the next game at Trent Bridge.
  10. After the Lord Mayors Show at Lords, England are getting a right spanking by India at Trent Bridge at the moment.
    It was definitely a "win the toss/insert the opposition" pitch and I am really looking forward to England bowling on it. Trouble is, it looks like it will be sooner rather than later!
    Par score? Fcuk nose.
  11. I seem to be talking to myself on this thread, but no matter.
    Stuart Broad, you dancer! Test match hat trick (lucky with one of them, mind) and bowling like a dream.
    What a cracking series this is turning out to be.
  12. Agreed mate, fantastic stuff from both sides. Reminiscent of `that` Ashes series in 2006 I think; almost like each day is being played a la one day cricket. I believe that if England win the series, they will be classed as the No. 1 side in world cricket...don`t think there will be many arguments should this happen.

    By the way....`You are not alone!`
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  13. What a cracking last 20 minutes, I would of been happy of a 150 run defecit but a hour ago expected to be at least 250-300 behind. Luck with the second wicket in the hat trick but needed some on ourside. Great stuff lets get 300+ on the board
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  14. Need to win by 2 clear tests then we go top of the Rankings and deserve it
  15. Thanks for joining in fellas. :)
    Strauss needs to play a Captain's innings now - he is due a score. Bit worried about Trott not being available to bat at the moment - I hope they patch him up for tomorrow as I think he will be needed.
    Agree this series has shades of 2005 and I reckon every game should be a cracker. Thank goodness the weather is behaving itself!