Perfect Number Plate for Arrse users

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Rincewind, Mar 13, 2006.

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  1. buy me a pint first!
  2. Doesn't look anything alike
    NO54 HME

    Maybe someone needs their eyes testing
  3. take out the 4.
    Crap thread, self flagulation using pish soaked stinging nettles for you Rincey!!
  4. Best one I ever saw was R50 LES :lol:

    As in R S0LES for those in need of help...

    Probably one of your lot anyway, was a middle aged man trying to be a boy racer...
  5. I saw and liked K11 BLL, but would like to get hold of PR05 SIE.
  6. How about V14 GRA or M1 NGE
  7. Would a half do? :twisted:
  8. J11SMM! I coverted that one I can tell you, as my favourite descriptive pronoun for my OP crew was "jism pigs" in "Why did you delete those fcuking target records two minutes before the fire plan starts you jism pigs"
  9. there is a coach company in Bedford run by a Mr R Souls
  10. Roget that - consider it done - was a slow day on arrse and was clutching at straws....

    my mate at 8 Sigs had P155 OFF no duff.

    :) and some ponce in a Audi Quattro 80 or some old cackwagon has M15SLE