Perfect Job!

Following stories of journos enlisting in the Forces, perhaps a return visit would be appropriate?


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Come on Arrsers. This is a perfect opportunity.

Everyone should apply today. Just think 14526 members of Arrse all applying at once. Here is the link

For an application form and further information, please email quoting reference: Sun Online
Be sure to point out how you admire the reporting that the Sun does for the armed forces and how supportive the Sun always is :cry:
You will have:
• Exceptional written English skills (Fwoaaar! Wot a Scorcha etc etc)
• A wide general knowledge (of t1ts n bums)
• A strong interest in journalism (but willing to sell one's soul for an exclusive)
• An understanding and appreciation of The Sun (I understand the Scum and appreciate it tells lies to Chavs etc)
• A strong desire to be a sub-editor (Navy News, here I come)
• It will help further if you can demonstrate a flair for design (manipulation of quotes)

I am applying today.


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How many have applied then?
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