Perfect gent seeks perfect lady.

Discussion in 'Lonely Hearts' started by PrinceAlbert, Dec 30, 2011.

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  1. Though not here. Any of you dirty sluts putting out?
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  2. I'm fed up, not hard up.
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  3. Now now, think of the rape statistic that you'll be helping out.
  4. What a wonderful New Year Message, Prince meets Snail, kiss; snail turns into nails, all live happily ever after.

    My heart swells in a majestic way just thinking of the wonderful bed duet that awaits you.
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  5. I'm sure some lovely lady will be along soon to help you out.

    Unfortunately I've met you, but am willing to confirm that you are a perfect gentleman and have very good credentials.

    Good luck my dear.

    <<I nearly pissed meself writing that. He's a ******* felcher>>
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  6. If Donkey Spanker can get a date with his paedo rapist photo I'm onto a clung filled new year.

    VG, I may hold you to that.

    Dale, you know you'd let me stuff your skinny body with my cock. Though it'd probably feel as though someone had fitted you with a second spine.
  7. I'm quoting that in case you find another slag better than me.

    You know I'd lick your armpits for a box of Jelly Babies.

    In fact, I think I have...........
  8. I think you were dreaming.....
  9. That's my Donkey Spanker you're talking about!

  10. It is rude to wake them up!
  11. Feel free to keep hold of him.

  12. I heard that you were knocked up.
  13. Dear god! how do I bleach that image from my mind.
  14. I'm hoping he's got a son/nephew/younger brother.
  15. You have to push such images out with worse ones.

    If you can think of any.