Perfect eggies for brekkers

I found this report on a Kraut website, here:

And here's a translation of the text:

"In England there will soon be eggs that can be boiled to become the perfect breakfast eggs. According to British media reports, a logo will be printed onto the egg, using heat-sensitive ink which is initially invisible. The logo will only appear when the egg attains the correct consistency.
According to the information, the method was developed on behalf of the Egg Lion Quality organisation which is responsible for the British breakfast eggs. The first eggs with the heat-sensitive logo should be in the supermarkets after the summer holidays. Consumers then have to decide how hard or soft the eggs should be when they are out shopping.
There will be three versions to choose from: hard, medium and soft."

What I don't understand is why they say: "according to British media reports", since I haven't been able to find any. Has anybody else heard of this?

Or is this something the Krauts dreamed up themselves?



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Nope, they didn't dream it up, it's bin on the BBC website (bggrd if I can find it now).

Still, won't bother me (I keep chickens and ducks and all my eggs are new laid, gm feed free, corn fed, free range and free). So I have fresh eggs every day and I don't have to worry about how long Mrs Fingerz scrambles them for when she does my full english hit (with extra black and white pudding, but no sodding beans)
This is the fecking naafi, and therefore there is only one way to cook an egg,

all together now;

Fry'd in sumit greasy and stuck between two bits of bread and eaten with dirty fingers.
have it slop-jockey style.

cold & solidified.
Much as it may reduce some peoples strees levels in the morning with the perfect eggies for breakfast I still prefer to live life on the edge and guesstimate whether hard or soft boiled.

What will happen in the cookhouse when soldier X selects a soft boiled egg only to find out it was cooked 3 days ago and now solid.............

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