Perfect casting of actors/actresses

Having just finished rewatching the complete Sharpe series on DVD I realised that Sean Bean was perhaps the perfect choice to take the role of Richard Sharpe. (Based on my perception of the character from the books.)

This led me to thinking of other actors/actresses who seemed perfect for the roles in which they were cast.

My two pennies worth:
Sean Bean - Richard Sharpe
Jeremy Brett - Sherlock Holmes

Gentlemen and ladies who would be your picks if any?


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Michelle Thorne - Backdoor sluts 7.
Ravers said:
Michelle Thorne - Backdoor sluts 7.
Having just googled her for 'information' purposes would have to agree :D

How about Edward Fox as Lt Gen Sir Brian Horrocks in A Bridge Too Far - as a personal friend he felt it to get his performance spot on.
Wilfed Bramble.........Albert Steptoe.

Hang on, I don't think I've got the hang of this thread yet.


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Mr_Deputy said:
Richard E Grant - Withnail
While I think he performed brilliantly in this, I'm not sure I would call casting a teetotalling African in the role of a raging alcoholic poncy student 'perfect.' :D

''I can assure you officer I've only had a few ales.''
Bruno Ganz as Hitler in "Downfall". A chilling performance, particularly in "rant" mode.
im spartacus!!!!

sorry could not help it!

the main two guys in the Rome series, can not remember their names!!

Kevin McKidd ... Lucius Vorenus

Ray Stevenson ... Titus Pullo

(google is good)
The Whole cast of FMJ
Chodmeister said:
rebel_with_a_cause said:
Fry and Laurie as Jeeves and Wooster.
Good call, very much as you picture them from the books, Laurie especially.
Disagree a bit about Stephen Fry. While he played the role superbly Jeeves shouldn't be so big! Remember this is a man who just matrialises like one of those fakir johnnies...

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