Perfect bacon butty

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by troopie, Apr 9, 2007.

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    Scientists' 'perfect' bacon butty

    Experts spent 1,000 hours testing different bacon variations
    Scientists have created a mathematical formula of how to make the perfect bacon butty.
    Experts at Leeds University discovered the secret to the perfect sandwich lay in how crispy and crunchy rashers were.

    They found that two or three back bacon rashers should be cooked under a preheated oven grill for seven minutes at about 240C (475F).

    The bacon should then be placed between two slices of farmhouse bread, 1cm to 2cm thick.

    Cooking times

    Four researchers at the Department of Food Science spent more than 1,000 hours testing 700 variations on the traditional bacon sandwich.

    They tried different types and cuts of bacon, cooking techniques, types of oil and a range of cooking times at different temperatures.

    A shortlist was then tested with computers to measure the texture of each sandwich.

    Fifty volunteers also judged each sandwich according to its taste, texture and flavour.


    Dr Graham Clayton, who led the research, said: "We often think it's the taste and smell of bacon that consumers find most attractive.

    "But our research proves that texture and the crunching sound is just - if not more - important.

    "While there was much debate within our taste panels on the smoked or unsmoked decision, everyone agreed that tough or chewy bacon is a turn-off."

    The formula is: N = C + {fb (cm) . fb (tc)} + fb (Ts) + fc . ta, where N=force in Newtons required to break the cooked bacon, fb=function of the bacon type, fc=function of the condiment/filling effect, Ts=serving temperature, tc=cooking time, ta=time or duration of application of condiment/filling, cm=cooking method, C=Newtons required to break uncooked bacon.


    How long until the 'experts' come up with a formula for the perfect egg banjo!? Cushy times at the Department of Food Science. How do you put something like that on your CV?
  2. 1000 hours???

    How long will it take to perfect the egg banjo then?

    Ketchup or Brown Sauce-discuss.
  3. Brown sauce - buckets of the stuff.
  4. The perfect bacon butty:

    8 rashers of Denny Norn Iron Hickory Smoked bacon grilled till crispy
    Four rounds of toast only cooked on one side
    Use Tesco Blue cheese dip as the butter

    Trust me
  5. This sound to clinical, i ve never known an eggy banjo made in clinical conditions
  6. Fucking kinky pervy bastard!!!!!! :x :D
  7. Bacon, smoked, thick cut.
    Fresh french bread.
    Mayonnaise and a hint of ketchup on both bits of bread.
    Lettuce on top of the bacon.

    Brown sauce firmly belongs on Sausage-related snack foods, and no where near the pig.
  8. University education.... you can't beat it!
  9. Wah????
  10. Ah bacon butties the only thing that stopped me turning veggie....

    bread toasted
    bacon crispy
    no sauce
    im hungry now....
  11. Tomato ketchup on bacon, the sweetness counteracts the salt of the bacon. Brown sauce on sausage, the more acidic flavour cuts through the fat.

    I wonder if there is a north/south divide here, though?
  12. 3 bits of bacon... cooked so its not to crispy, and shite loads of HP Sauce :pissed: :excited:
  13. Probably, I'm a northerner and it's brown sauce for us lot, living and working down Saaarrrfff though people look at me strangely when I lash the brown sauce on everything.
  14. I have to agree with milsum, brown sauce on sausage butties only....
  15. I think MDN is the expert on that>>>>