Perez replaces Hamilton at McLaren for 2013

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by beemer007, Sep 28, 2012.

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  1. With news of Lewis Hamilton’s move to Mercedes expected to be confirmed imminently the British Duo are no longer, it'll be interesting seeing how the 2013 season goes this time around?

    Formula 1
  2. And the German duo at Mercedes being split up too. It'll be interesting to see how this season ends, has Lewis given up hope of the title completely?
  3. He has for the next few seasons by joining Merc.
  4. I watched the Formula 1 once, best 3 hrs kip I ever had!
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  5. Can't remember, but didn't he gain his title under Ross Braun in the fledgling (un-namned) Mercedes team, or was that Button?

  6. Button, and their dominance faded rapidly during the season.
  7. In all honesty, given his performace over the past couple of years, I think he's past it.
  8. All we need is Schumi to replace Massa and this is the best news ever.

    Hamiltons career going backwards....brilliant :)
  9. I agree, and we can sit and watch Ferrari slide back as well - awesome.
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  10. Schumi at Ferrari would dominate all.
  11. Good move by McLaren as well with Perez.
  12. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    it could go either way IMHO. Brawn is a master strategist, and as I understand it it's been sold to Hamilton as Merc being best placed to exploit the new V6 engine regs from 2014 onwards.

    however...big car companies just dont seem to be able to succeed in F1 except as engine suppliers (renault having bucked the trend, but only after the second bite of the cherry after their entries in the late seventies/early eighties). in recent times, we've had Toyota, Honda, Ford (as Jaguar) and BMW and where have they got? Toyota were reputed to be spending more money than Ferrari on their F1 team and got nowhere.
  13. Were you one of those participants in the CH4 show abouts E's last night?
  14. Can I have some of whatever it is you're on, it's making you heavily delusional.
  15. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    half of Schumi's performance at ferrari was down to Brawn on the pitwall and making sure the bods back at the factory did their jobs properly - when you dont, they default back to complete shambles mode as they did in the eighties and nineties and get precisely nowhere - rather than everyone pulling in the sam direction, instead they concentrate on intrigues and building their own little empires within Maranello. Hence why even with Alonso, they just havent given him a really good car since he got there and consistently developed it. as much as I dislike him, even I have to admit he's done an incredible job to be where he is in the title race this year.