PepsiMaxBigOne - Not the Ride

Has put some photos in the safe area on the User Photos. Damn! They're just ripe for abuse. C'mon MODS get 'em moved into the unsafe area!!
My eyes, my eyes.

Don't look. Save yourselves, its to late for me I'm already blind, but you should run. The horror, the horror.
Thats not a girl.
As a result of this thread:

The-Lord-Flasheart said:
The easy way around it could be to err, post the picture in the NAAFI?

Users could quite happily comment without fear of breaking rules.

1. Pic is in the public domain already (due to the moose having posted it on a public website.

2. Any kind words could be added due to it being in the NAAFI.
So now it's in the NAAFI ..... here you go!

BiscuitsAB said:
the bint behind her looks like she ready for a good shot on range glue in the mouth.
bitterandtwisted said:
I would............ and right up the arrse both of them and then make the other lick the shat off

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