Peoples Post Office - Worst TV advert at the moment ?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Dubb_al_Ibn, Oct 18, 2007.

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  1. Okay, I know there are a multitude of car insurance and "consolidate that loan" type adverts on during the day for wasters like me but...the worst TV ad at the moment has got to be that pile of poo supposedly encouraging us all to use the Post Office.

    Sorry, the People's Post Office (I don't think that's ironic; I think they actually mean to call it that !)

    "Land of Hope and Glory", Joan Collins etc etc. Oh, the sound of the bottom of the barrel being scrapped. It's as if a group of sixth formers doing Business Studies have been asked to produce an advert before breaktime for a school project.

    Oi, Post Office, it's rubbish !
  2. any that mention "Pentapeptides" or other made up beauty ingredient that has fake scientific graphics with it
  3. most insurance adverts get on my wik, i do belive there is already a thread about bad adverts, to be honest i can be bothered to waste my time finding it as its been linked so many times, maybe one of the kinds mods can move this for you
  4. It's timing couldn't be worse. The Post Office's standing in my eyes is at an all time low at the moment.
  5. Predatorplus...Don't want it moved !

    It's not "What's the worst advert on TV", it's specifically about how rubbish this particular Post Office advert is !
  6. There used to be massive queues in the Aldershot post office every day, so what did they do? Close it and move it into W H Smiths!! Put in a load of trainees and what do you have - Chaos! So I must admit to seeing the joke in that advert.
  7. why? its was the royal mail that went on strike :roll: but then again the people who work in my post office smell of wee
  8. The worst TV advert as to be the Pot Noodle one for the x factor .
    God knows where they got that guy from ,And to make matters worse i read some where they are going to close the factory which is down in wales with a loss of a couple of hundred job's.
  9. just have to post this, i made this when i was watching the news about the terrorist being founf out becasue of the Acetone Peroxide (the stuff they used to make the bomb that didnt go bang) all over their sink during the break there was an asian woman who said 'just look how clean Cillit Bang gets my sink' and the little lgith started going off in my head, 'well those idiots wouldn't have to caught if they used cillit bang' so i found the gap in the market
  10. Well done - that really is nothing to do with anything on this thread!! :D
  11. neither is "The worst TV advert as to be the Pot Noodle one for the x factor"

    but i mean this is a thread about the post office and could never really have gone anywhere :wink:
  12. To be fair to the post office add it starts with the bloke putting down some ant powder and saying, "That should get rid of them." Nice touch I thought.

    The post office is still a fine institution, forming a focal point for local communities and allowing poeple to conduct a whole range of personal and business admin in their locality. The problem is finding one as they are shutting down at a rate of bleedin' knots at the mo.
  13. do you by any chance work for the post office? :roll:
  14. Great post office we had, now its been moved into a shop, 3 times smaller 3 windows and only one working. Everyone wants to draw money out (wtf have banks shut) or renew car taxes, does anyone buy stamps or post anything.
  15. Mr Happy

    Mr Happy LE Moderator

    For me the post office is a place to pick up forms. And for years they've been at the back of an asian run 7-11. The last time I was in a real PO I was subjected to adverts on a portable TV for 20 minutes whilst I queued. Everyone smelled of wee too.