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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Flight, Oct 21, 2011.

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  1. Flight

    Flight LE Book Reviewer

    If you want to have your say on the EU (and unless you are over 51 then you have never been afforded the opportunity) click here..

    The People’s Pledge campaign for a European Union EU referendum

    Stick you email in and postcode and it tells you who your local MP is.

    Google the trough snivelling, expense fiddling twat and you'll get an email address.

    Seeing as though all three parties have promised a referendum on the EU write a quick email demanding that they vote for the motion on Monday. It can get results...

    "Mr xxx,

    As your party had a commitment in it's 2005 manifesto to hold a referendum on EU membership I expect you to support the forthcoming motion on Monday.

    I note that your majority was a mere 3000 or so votes.


    "Many thanks for your message on the proposed vote on a possible European referendum.

    I have argued from the beginning that holding out the promise of a referendum on Europe was a confidence trick. I made the points in a Channel 4 interview with Guido Fawkes. There was never any possibility of having a referendum on Europe by the present Conservative Government or by any other likely Government composed of Conservatives or Lib Dems. I have constantly made the point that the Conservative Party with their e-petitions were building up expectations which would never be fulfilled.

    The Prime Minister has now said that even if the vote on Monday does call for a referendum he will NOT hold one. This attitude can only increase cynicism against politicians. In my case, as the date has been changed and I am not going to alter a vital commitment I have on that day outside Parliament. I Chair an International Committee on Economic Affairs which is meeting that day. I would be present and voting if the original debate and vote had taken place on Thursday. I believe what we will see is a whipped Tory party voting against a referendum.

    Thank you very much for letting me have your views."

    Hence a quick google for the local rags and assorted journos.... The MP was cc'ed in..

    "I would like to register my shock and amazement that xxx, MP for xxx's 63000 constituents, does not intend to turn up for the vote in the House of Commons on allowing the electorate a referendum on EU membership. He cites prior commitments."

    Received this reply...

    "I have this afternoon received notification that the meeting which I am chairing in Brighton may be re-scheduled to allow MPs to be back in London to vote.......*snipped rant about Tory plots to deceive us all*"

    I suspect many labour MPs see the vote as a no win situation. Better to be absent than to have it on record that they voted against the referendum and therefore breaking their 2005 manifesto commitment. Better though, I think, to make them present even if they plan to vote against. At least that way they can be pilloried in the polls at the next election. They know this, it's going to be a huge issue for them if they vote to deny us our say. It shows complete contempt for the electorate and the vast majority wouldn't stand a chance.

    Until a few hours ago the libdems had a petition open on their website for a referendum. Cameron, the lying twat, as we know promised one too.

    Hammer the *******, this might be our only chance.
  2. Well I don't want a referendum on anything, I don't agree with them.

    So I won't be signing up, but thank you for asking.
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  3. No say on this EU gravy choo-choo, all aboard - oh except the peasants.
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  4. And why would a 2005 manifesto pledge be relevant? There has been another election since...
  5. Next stop Brussels and a post Westminster €300k + €250k expenses a year non job with a free gold plated and diamond tipped pension!
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  6. Public sector gold plated pension envy!

    Not a good basis for making serious decisions that will affect the lives of millions of people for the rest of the century.

    A perfect example of why referenda are such bad news.
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  7. You don't like democracy then?

    This is supposed to be a democratic country, all three mainstream parties have promised a referendum, all three lied.
    Personally I'll vote UKIP at the next election and consequences be damned.
  8. Absolutely bloody super, now about those public sector pensions, we can't really afford them old boy.
  9. I am a huge fan of parliamentary democracy, and decidedly not a fan of extra-parliamentry cack which is what referenda are.

    This business of all three parties lying - can't say I paid much attention to it at the time, but did they all say straight out - 'We will hold a binding referendum on continued membership of the EU and will pull out immediately if the vote is against'

    I suspect not.
  10. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    Funny how it was good enough to take us into the EU (EEC as it was then) !
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  11. More like kept us inside the EEC, IIRC it was a vote to remain in the EEC not a vote on entry. Entry was achieved by the Traitor Heath in 1973, who hardly had a mandate.
  12. The problem with referenda is that the decision will be made by the media as that is where the vast majority of people get their opinions from.

    And the media lie.
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  13. Just like politicians.....

    I can make my own mind up without a journalist or politician telling me what to think and I want a referendum.
    If Cameron prevents one I'll just vote for somebody else the next time I'm at the ballot box. Somebody who will give me that referendum.
  14. How many of those "brussels are making us do XYZ" stories have you ever seen? And how many of them have been 100% factual? Or even slightly factual in most cases.

    Even if you can get more than a handful of people out to vote the majority of them will be making their decision on information/propoganda from the media and PR firms.
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