peoples Liberation Army Glorious revolutionary Compo...

Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by Bradstyley, Apr 1, 2009.

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  1. Doesn't look too appetising, least they haven't got the ECBA-plate-like treacle pudding, or the Corned Beef Gash...

    How on earth did you find that though? :?
  2. Anyone notice the pictures of the bisquit on his Butt crack?
    Whats up with that?
  3. Anyone had a new Ration Pack?

    I had one on Friday due to the chef forgetting to save me and my oppo meals when we returned from Field GDs late, so we were thrust a compo pack!


    However I was thoughroughly impressed! And made several types of "Ooh" and "Aah" noises while opening it it and rifling through it!

    Other bonus was we were in the Guardhouse so got to use the kettle to heat them! Mmmmmmmmmmn!
  4. That the sort with tuna in it instead of the pate, and hot sauce sachets?

    I remember a few years ago they had a 'training ration' which was all freeze-dried bollox to save money, BUT had the best lamb curries going :D
  5. Was on, was just glancing through if there were any interesting threads, and just thought that this may be interesting to ARRSers, provide 2 minutes distraction anyway...It was the bizarre combination of Engrish, communist duck-speak and naivete displayed in the comments at the bottom that got me though, very odd people...I liked it how they have their own versions of screech powder, that compressed biscuit looks rough as old guts though...well, as they take on more and more of an international role one of you lot may get to try it one day if you work with them, mmmm...
  6. No, brand new. Mushroom paste (Like cheese, but better than Pate), Jam (Very nice on oatmeal block), Marmite (Nice with the Mushroom paste on Biscuits AB), new Chocolate (Like Galaxy but harder), Lucozade powder (Lemon or Orange), instant Tea Black, Kenco Coffee, Tabasco Sauce bottle.

    Also the meals were a major improvement, Tomato Tortellini was spicy and tasted way better than the shit from the cookhouse.

    AND a fanfare is in order for Syrup Sponge, which for the first time is soft! And actually bears resemblance to a SPONGE and not a BRICK!

    It has to be said this was a vegetarian box, but I think this is part of the introduction process, soon it should apply to all menus.
  7. One thing it does show is that PLA is thinking about operations outside their borders and in concert with others. They've been doing UN peacekeeping for ages, but usually bolted on as a discrete self-sufficient group or in standalone formations. They seem to be taking interoperability seriously, if they're getting rats printed up with English translations.

    I have to say, it actually looks quite nice apart from the ship's biscuit. Certainly be a break from the norm.