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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Travelgall, Apr 4, 2011.

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  1. I see in Soldier Magazine that some major diversity and inclusion cock clag is incoming. "The British Army is preparing to undertake a massive overhaul of military ranks and titles to ensure it adheres to the latest equality and diversity legislation". From now on they want to get rid of Gender Specific titles like Guardsman. Quite right too. Last time I checked there's about 5 Battalions of Guardsmen and the square root of **** all of them are women.

    They managed to find one arse kissing wankstain out of 1750 men in the 5 guards Batallions who was willing to work the shaft and cup the balls of whatever diseased appendage of the state was willing to promote him. "one Guardsman interviewed as part of our initial scoping study felt strongly about being pigeon holed as performing a mans job. He firmly believed that as his role was not gender specific he's prefer it to have a neutral title". Its lucky your job can be carried out by either sex, or in your case a Eunuch.

    Does anybody of the female sex who is actively serving (rather than working as a Diversity Outreach Co-ordinator in Haringey Council) find this anything other than patronising shite? Please tell me. I don't want to offend my sisters in arms. Are they really trully bothered about the use of Craftsman as their job title?
  2. Checked the date of the article by any chance?
  3. April 2011

  4. It's April's Soldier Mag, you twat

  5. Check date thereof and Rockape34's previous posting here. You might just have reached for the angry head a little too early :smile:

    Edit: Bugger - that's what I get for going to collect a parcel in the middle of posting. Damn this work stuff!
  6. EQUALITY & DIVERSITY, the name of the game .....
  7. I got it today, not on the 1st. So the Terrorism, Sabotage and Subversion lecture that mentions Soldier Magazine - official mouthpiece of the MOD. Unvarnished Truth and all that, is actually full of jokes that can be read (unlike a daily newspaper) up to a month after the April Fools Date. Clever that.
  8. Oh dear oh dear
  9. Ha ha! :)
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