People you wouldnt trust your kids with.

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by elnoddo, Jun 12, 2007.

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  1. Right my moneys on in no particular order-

    Jeremy Beadle

    Mathew Kelly

    The Chuckle Brothers
  2. Mr and Mrs McCann
  3. Im adding David Blunkett to my list just seen him on the news blatantly reading the autocue bluffing cnut.
  4. Legs, talking of kids, what you doing about a womb?

    I think there is one in the road near the A303 someone bounced it out of Anya years ago but it may be salvagable
  5. MDN
    etc etc

    and on a serious note..........


    (but im a little parranoid)
  6. Michael Jackson reading them a bed time story or Ian Huntley offering to give your kids a bath
  7. See also Noel Edmonds beardy box opening cnut.
  8. Garry Glitter, who would want there kids to listen to his crap music?
  9. You people are so wrong about MDN, i trust him implicitly with my child he is caring, considerate and always makes sure she cums first.
  10. T Blair

    The worst that could happen with the above names is that your kid is raped, molested, assaulted and killed in nasty ways. Basically a good weekend at home with the family.

    If TCB was to get hold of your children they'll turn into lying, cheating, lefty-police state scum who could only get jobs because of daddy's position. And their mother would be the ugliest creature on earth.

    I'd rather put my theoretical future kids in a large wheelie bin, douse it with petrol, light it with the gases from my own sweet rear end before pushing the ashes into the North Sea. I get the feeling some arrsers may wish to do the same...
  11. Broon next next PM tight cnut would probably steal the kids piggy bank
  12. Gypsies.


    The Portuguese.

    Chinese factory owners/the IOC.

    The RAF. I don't want my kids accused of bullying.

    Christian Evangelists.

    Jihadis/Towel-headed backpackers.

  13. Dr Gillian Mckeith wretched creature that it is.