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People you wouldnt p$ss on if they were on fire.

Happy Sunday all,

In a period of boredom, at work, the other night, I started a mental list of those people who gripped my sh*t, and I would definitely NOT p$ss on if they were on fire.

I don't know if this has been covered by another thread, but who in public, (Politicians, Z list celebs, drug taking mongs, and overpaid "stick-up-their-ass sports people), would you not p$ss on?
The Wife!
May I be the first to say "Gordon Brown"?

I also ought to add that I would like to p1ss on the Rt Hon Ruth Kelly, whether she was on fire or not.
I'll add Barack Hussein Obama if I may...
All Zanu Liarbour cabinet members especially Brown, Darling and Browne. Sir Alex Ferguson (whingeing Jock twat), Katie Price (can't stick the self centred bitch), Jade Goody (fcuk me, she's ugly). Cristiano Ronaldo (prick), The whole England football team (after last night's efforts, bunch of overpaid prima donnas).

There's just a few for starters.
Ginger fuckwits.

Not to be confused with ginger dogs who like hugs now and then.
Any wannabe, Z list "celeb", big brother contestant waste of skin.....in fact I'd chuck more fuel on.


War Hero
Cuddles said:
May I be the first to say "Gordon Brown"?

I also ought to add that I would like to p1ss on the Rt Hon Ruth Kelly, whether she was on fire or not.
Cuddles. I know that this is probably not PC....but I would not mind if she

wanted to take a p1ss on me. Sorry old son....but I picked up some rather

strange habits in the Merchant Navy. :drool:
the snail.
You are such a big fat liar, you would wee on me for fun, then touch yourself.
Ken Livingstone. I'd rather f*ck him. Dry. Just like he's done to all of us in London. Then i'd take a dump on him and throw him to the homeless for their amusement. Commie c*nt.
A girl now a woman who gave me shit when I was at school. Always wanted to shoot her in the knee caps then let her crawl to me and say sorry....dream on I suppose.
Russel Brand.

Fuckwit of the highest order.

Having set him on fire, I'd p1ss next to him.
Just so that as he died in indescribable pain, he'd know that I really wouldnt p1ss on him when he was on fire.

Also Amy Winehouse.
However I am fairly convinced the above two people are one and the same. Imagine Russel Brand without that stupid fucking beard....
And that cunt from supernanny, dont know here name.

Oohhh you've started me fucking thinking now havnt you...

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