People you want to throat punch.....


You thick cnut they split up years ago and Rachel Stevens is a MILF. aRE YOU GAY ?.
I still feel like throat punching H out of steps. They have split up and I am sure is an alright bloke.

Its unfair, but life is unfair.

Came across this little gem of an article, about some fellow sniveling Septics who live in a large Metropolitan area, whining of course about how hard life is for them financially.
After reviewing their budget and looking at their planned expenses for vacations, clothing, and entertainment, I was to the point I would have throat punched them for this non issue. A few lifestyle adjustments and they would be ahead of 95 percent of the people in the world with the money they take home.

So me excluded, whom do you wish you could throat punch and why?
I have a list, it grows on a daily basis


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As are the perks of not being as thick as you pretend... :mrgreen:
I know not what you talk about sir. We bumpkins are the overlooked members of American Society. Hell when most of the world thinks America is just one big never ending episode of Jersey shore, or Deliverance these stereotypes are very useful.
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