People who want to PVR... should they be jailed?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by ssgt_nigel_redarse, Aug 1, 2010.

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  1. In my opinion there is only one answer to this question.



    I'll be honest.

    It's a mans life in the Army. Well... it used to be before all the mongs got into the Internet and started whinging about Human Rights, having to bull boots, etc etc.

    If there is one thing in life that really pisses me off its a bloke who can't hack it. The sort of bloke who whinges in the block about having to do twenty laps of the vehicle park in mess tin order with a tow bar above his head because he didn't first parade his vehicle properly. The sort of bloke who lists his Facebook status as 'pissed of wiv ma Staff 4 makin me do a CFT in hi heels as a punishment' because I he was 30 seconds late coming back from NAAFI break. The sort of bloke who throws his teddy in the corner because I have made him stand naked on the parade square for 2 hours in February wearing full CEMO because I found dust on his beret when he turned up minging for guard when was guard commander. The sort of bloke that starts crying when I throw a thunderflash into his cab and lock the door when I find he hasn't scrimmed up properly on exercise.

    I'll be honest.

    I don't want people like that in MY Army. If any of you walting airsofters had actually joined up instead of pretending you had served then you would agree with me.

    There is no room in my Army for people who don't want to be there.

    Anyone that wants to PVR should be jailed instantly until the paperwork has been done and they should then be escorted to the nearest train station and put on the next train to 'get the **** out of my garrison town' immediately.

    If they are pads (and they have decent looking wives) then they should be jailed for an extra month before being discharged so I can go round and give their wife a discharge of my own.
  2. lol your army! your a boring barsteward! is your life really so boring that you feel the need to come on a web site and spread this shite?

    we all know your type! the lonely **** in the mess who blows his money on hookers and feels the need to belittle everone to make himself feel better
  3. Seeing as it's likely the closest you have ever come to serving in my Army is wearing an old Soldier 95 camo jacket your boyfriend gave you to go fishing in I don't think you are in any position to comment about anything on here.

    Jog off and polish your paintballing gun and stick your 'Jarhead' DVD back on you mong.

  4. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    As it appears the 'Oxygen Thief' tags have gone with the introduction of the new site, perhaps we should go straight to ban - and this cnut should be banned. What a waste of bandwidth the OP is.
  5. ha ha im sure some peoples exploits on this site would put an andy mcnabb charactor to shame, but not everyone feels the need to advertise it!

    troll on
  6. Gobby Knob,tsk,tsk,tsk.

    Now go and play like a good little boy,and don't forget to put your toys back when you're finished,especially your Teddy Bear.

  7. …………………………………………
  8. I think Staffy Nige is fookin ace - a man after me own heart. I also think this is a monster wah!
  9. I seriously think the op, apart from being an OT, is also fishing, looking for a bite or two out of some unsuspecting fishy creatures, and it seems to me that you all BIT!

    He must be wetting himself with girly-wee at the moment with maidenly laughter.

  10. Far from it.

    I'm actually sickened by the amount of Walts on here who have clearly never served in the Army.

    I've spotted more holes in most peoples stories than you get in 4 scrim nets sewn together.

    Makes me angry. VERY angry.
  11. no ones bit! just carrying his banter! its not exactly hard to spot hes a troll
  12. Don't make him angry... you won't like him when he's angry...
  13. Edited for accuracy.
  14. lol! go on tell us some of your dits, ive a sandbag ready
  15. I've sussed it/him

    Who's the one person who hasn't been seen or heard from for ages who's likely to be capable of such bite-sized windup/wahhhh?

    It's our very own Lord.

    Yup, you know it.