People who are really tough behind the computer

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Romeo_47, Apr 2, 2008.

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  1. While on msn, I was invited into a joint conversation with someone. It started off normal then he started persistantly trying to think he was gods gift, (he's a chav) He started going on about killing people and going on about the Armed Forces and this is what he said about them

    "[c=4][c=38] GiBbZy loves baby lexi (Y) gibbzy & ... (brb tune) says:
    do i give a flyin fuk ill slice all the army up there pussys"

    I dont think they are pussys now.

    For anyone who wants this fcuks email address please PM me.
  2. I had the same conversation tonight duing my post- work pint, and I can only offer this advice-

    Stab him in the throat, and remind him, as he dies, that his missus is only getting wet tonight because she is thinking of men like us.
  3. He says he's in the Royal Marines, and he spells it "royalee marrines" He also keeps saying for me to meet him. What a twat... It makes me angry how a fcuker is living here saying I should die.
  4. Easy way around it- ask him if he'd like to go for a lads weekend away, possibly a trip away from the city life to Arbroath? Some very friendly bars down that neck of the woods for a level headed man such as yourself, and no doubt with his history he would fit right in with the chaps of 45... :wink:
  5. I'm sure he would. Maybe he could find himself along side a beach.
  6. If we were lucky, perhaps beneath one- 6ft sound good to you?
  7. Best advice i can offer is:

    If he thinks hes such a billy big nuts, get him to give shit to all the pre recruitment recruits at his local training track.

    He'll be in over his head quicker than his mother was fed, if hes london i'll bury the cnut and post the picture myself :D
  8. The only reason the Head On The Beach is such a story is that usually the natives up there eat ALL of the victim... :twisted:
  9. Sounds great
  10. If he's in London, let me know- I need a good reason to get south of the border for a while, think my dad (14 years RM- now in the smoke) and myself could have fun with this peenarse... :twisted:
  11. But what if his dad's bigger than your dad? :roll: :roll: :roll:
  12. And the odds of this cnut - or indeed his mother - actually knowing the identity of Daddy Chav? :roll: :roll: :roll:
  13. Better still, what if the "chav" is an old mate of dad? Who'd get the hiding? :twisted:
  14. Safe to say it would be young chav... Dad left RM in '87, joined the MET in Peckham, was a police PTI/ PSPO inst. aged 45, has since moved on to being Royalty/ Diplomatic protection group- He can stil handle himself. :wink:
  15. I've got an idea.
    Instead of being childish and trying organise rent-a-crowd to gang up on people you 'happen across' on MSN, why dont you just block the cnuts.

    After all its not the first time you've happened across a conversation with a knob is it?

    Either put him right on the facts, tell him to fuck off or quite simply, dont converse with him.
    I doubt very much you are going to get the arrse bandwagon rolling because a couple of teenagers are having a willy joust over msn.

    Man up son for god sake.