People wanting to join the Army as a Junior Soldier...

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Meadsy4742, Jan 3, 2007.

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  1. This is mainly for the people wanting to join the British Army as a Junior Soldier (16-17)

    I joined the Army in January 2006, so most of what I say is pretty up-to-date. I did my Phase 1 training at the Army Foundation College Harrogate, most will see it as AFC (H). It is a very hi-tech place, and everything is top notch, but they expect alot from just a young person, I wouldn't say the course is very hard at all, it's a whole year with 10 weeks paid leave! The Physical Training is abismal and needs to be made harder, but they aren't aloud to make it harder due to the fact the students are too young! Now for me, I found this quite distressing, soldiers need to be physically trained until they are fighting fit! Now a year on, and my next training establishment is the Infantry Training Centre, Catterick. Due to the lack of fitness I recieved at AFC (H), I know for a fact I'm not upto Infantry fitness!

    So that's just a warning for people wanting to join the AFC (H) - my advice...stick out till your 17 and join the Adult Intake!
  2. My advice to you 25??4742 Pte (?) Mead is not to pick such an obvious username!
  3. Good post, good advice. Thanks for taking the time to give it.

    But, further to what Badger_Heed said, your myspace link and email addy both contain your full name and your myspace is packed with (lovely) pictures of you for everyone to see.

    Square your PERSEC away :wink:
  4. Kids these days and the internet, eh?
  5. Mead mate, your prob a great bloke, but get rid of the shit giving away who you are!

    Well done for posting your experience though - enjoy a great career!
  6. whats your bpfa scores?
  7. seen as joined jan 06 must be 252?4742
  8. You have your whole name as your email address!!!

    I think the MODS need to remove this, as this young lad doens't understand the risk he is putting himself at.
  9. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    oops ITC Catterick beasting coming on methinks :D
  10. Why is it dodgy having his name or pictures on an army site??

  11. Nothing I suppose, as I'm sure certain groups would never think of coming on here to look for people giving away their persec.
  12. Right so you really think someones going to spend time looking through arrse for squaddies who have posted a picture or a name.

    I very much doubt thats going to happen mate it would of happened by now already if it was likely to??

    Have you ever driven a car in uniform?
  13. nope, last place I'd look for info on army bods with shit persec would be an informal Army website...

    oh hold on.....

    Square it away fella.
  14. Well ive never heard any reports of squaddies being targeted by individuals/groups because of being on the net have you???
  15. If he feels he has a valid point and is prepared to answer and account for his post to his SSM / OC and CO then let it stand, if not do him a favour and withdraw the thread