people say im too young and wont hack it

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by canidoit?, Jan 16, 2007.

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  1. im 15 and a girl but want to get into the army but people keep saying im too young and wont be abale to get thow it i think i can do i go on what other people say??? or make my own mind up??? please help me
  2. get some self conviction and go for it
  3. Bit of info for you:

    Education and Training

    Equal opportunities exist for women within most branches of the Army. At the moment exceptions are Armour, Infantry and Special Forces.

    Applicants must sit the Army Entrance Test and employment will then be determined by the score achieved.

    The trades require GCSEs at Grades A-C.

    Applicants must pass a strict medical examination and undergo a fitness test and selection interviews.

    Applicants under the age of 18 years need parental consent.


    Soldier Service

    Apprentices - (16-18 ½ years)

    Entrants undertake a one year course in the theory and practice of a number of trades. These include electronics, surveying, aeronautics, telecommunication specialists, electricians, plumbers, vehicle mechanics, armourers, gun fitters, accountants, chefs, clerks, bricklayers, carpenters, joiners, metal workers, painters and linguists. Apprentices provide the Army with most of its highly skilled technicians and trades people. Career prospects for apprentices are excellent and they attract high rates of pay.

    Single Adult Entry - (normal entry 17-33rd birthday)
    Adult entrants have more than 200 choices. All entrants are given 10 weeks basic military training and then go to more specialist work, initially in training units and later in operational units.
  4. You are too young, you cant join the Army at 15, but if its your dream, ignore the naysayers, get stuck in at school, and theres no reason why you shoudn't be able to join in a couple of years time.
  5. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    The Royal Engineers recruit females for both officer and soldier entry.
  6. There are NO exceptions for the RE. It's just alot chose not too.
  7. Thanks guys, apologies to all the hard working RE guys and girls, my fault, post ammended :biggrin:
  8. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Didn't I just say that??
  9. Fcuk what other people think! If you want it enough you'll do it!
    Go for it chick! :D
  10. im 17 and join the infantry on the 28th january, i told friends and family that i wanted to join the army when i was 14 or 15 i think, and they didnt take me serious at all, and have only recently started taking me seriously and have realised that its not just a phase im going through, ignore what everyone else says you know what you want to do, dont let anyone else change that...
  11. i joined at 16, didnt do the apprentices college either, did the 12 week cmsr package. there is no reason why you cannot do that. they turn you into a soldier they do not expect you to be one when you turn up, but obviously focus, hard work, and determination to complete your goal helps, gobbing off and chavving it up doesnt help at all... but all that will be trained out of you anyway. :)

    its amazing what you become after basic, you see the change immediately. good luck fellerette!
  12. Dunno why but the " wah " sensor is going hyper here.
  13. People say i wont hack it at 22!! but screw them just do it..
  14. what ive found is wen people say u aint going to be able to do just makes you try even harder to do it
  15. true... works for me