People on Arrse Youve Never Met But want a beer with

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by tsar_Nikolas, Dec 25, 2005.

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  1. 1. RTFQ. If his stories are anything to go by, a night out with him must be manic!
    2. Chicken Punk. Top man, good advice, very funny
    3. 1Windy1. The other poor sap entering Sandbags with me in 12 days!!!!
  2. LOL. If you weren't so mind numbingly dull and so over fcuking opinionated for a CIVVY then you might have got an invite into the Longdon Bar, you would then see what the targets of you sicophancy really think about you.

    Merry Christmas.
  3. tsar_nikolas. So I can dry bum him in the bogs on the Hogs Back near Guildford and then drag his syph riven corpse back to the munters of Camberley so they can lick my septic manfat from his caved in hoop.

    Leader of men? Not even as bright as a 40 watt lightbulb.
  4. Nice, furry. . . . .& for that I'd love to have a drink with you.

    & filbert, we've chatted lots, but never met. I'd get you drunk. . . .but I'm not sure the Mrs would approve (oh well, story of my life).
  5. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    This guy I know, he's good fun! Was with me when i got medically failed for RCB. I'd have done the f*cker if i could. Angry me. But aye, hope to meet him again some day!
  6. BBear

    BBear LE Reviewer

    Woah woah... I meant id do the RCB if i could, not 1Windy1... Just thought id make that clear!!!
  7. did he help you with your Kukri problem ? :lol:
  8. I know this is English, but...damn!
  9. mdn he sounds like a laugh
  10. Lord Flashy. But I'd have a beer with anyone who's buying.
  11. good answer well presented
  12. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    To be toally boring and therefore cheer up MDN and Flashy, there are very few people here on Arrse that I would not drink with. Now that does not mean that having supped two weak lager shandies we would not end up 'powder puffs at 50 paces'. It would be nice to meet Biscuits_(I am a Warrant Occifer)AB but could get confusing with him (her) disappearing to the bogs every 10 minutes to change persona.

    Mostly I would like to meet the guys on ops, where-ever in the world, cos that would mean (as I have absolutely no intention of going anywhere slightly dangerous) they would be home, fairly safe having a beer or three.

    Merry Christmas to everyone (sickly sweet music fades away) :oops:
  13. I'll buy you a beer, Auld-Yin. Unfortunately, I doubt you would approve of what I drink. I'd love to get my hands on some good British brew at a reasonable price, but that's not likely to happen. Unless I break into a liquor store and steal it.
  14. i would drink with any ARRSE members that has a interesting tale and good jokes to tell and willing to stand his/her rounds.

    i have met some of you and had a good time, even with you Stabtiffy.

    btw Merry Christmas to everybody :D
  15. Just a question on a web forum love, no need to get over excited!