"People like this shouldnt have children" says Goody

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by sniper_bob, Dec 10, 2008.

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  1. http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/showbiz/tv/article2023297.ece

    Yep, it's that Goody woman again! Jade raises some very dull morality issues in her latest pronouncement. In attempting to claim the chav high-ground she flushes herself further into the sewer of ignorance and intolerance. No surprise there...

    Maybe the cancer's found its way into her head at last...
  2. Isn't that fat blob of pork dead yet?

    If not, why not?
  3. "If you're asking me if the worst happened to me and I was going to pass away would I worry? Yes, I would."

    Funny that because I don't think anyone else would.
  4. Cancer has to attack something important in your body to be life-threatening. Goody's clunge was a worthless place to start and could easily have killed the cancer off. Oxygen starvation doesn't seem to work either.
  5. She just can't fecking help opening that fat gob of hers, what an utter pile of sh1te. Can we not just ship her cancer ridden Cnut over there and execute her?
  6. People in glasshouses Jade....
  7. Pot,kettle,black.

  8. Pot, kettle, fat more like.

    Do you remember when we trashed her website? Amused me for a minute or two at least.
  9. I thought there were some small minded mongs on this site until I flicked through the Sun's discussions.
  10. The sooner her cancerous clunge wipes her from the gene pool the better.
  11. Now that did make me laugh, didn't realise HMP Pentonville was in Africa
  12. If it was promised to you that no-one would ever EVER find out about it and you could do anything to her.....anything here.....would you bang her??

    Is it wrong to say I just don't know, might, might not?????
  13. The only thing I'd bang her with is one of these;

  14. Cancer fcuks people, not the other way round.
  15. See…..my evil little mind just thinks of ways I could totally humiliate the Lord of the Mings in such a where she wouldn’t ever been seen in the public eye ever again!!

    For sh1ts and giggles I'd get her to wear said mask.....although lets face it, who'd know the fooking difference....