People getting discharged from the army.

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by stacker1, Feb 10, 2010.

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  1. Due to the fact that at the moment the RLC is full of rumours because of some upcoming briefings I have a few questions.

    If a bloke is discharged from the army due to constantly failing his PFA would he have a case of claiming sexual discrimination because of the different standards that are required based on a persons sex?

    If a soldier is discharged from the army due to being a biff (in the case cold weather injuries and other dubious injuries rather than injuries sustained in combat) would he have a case with an industrial tribunal if they had been promoted since they have been a biff (the argument being why were the promoted if the army is now saying they are no good).

    For those on open engagement, do they have a right to serve a full 22 years so long as they don't fuck up or because a soldier only has to give a years notice (after their intitial 3 years) can the army only give someone a years notice (or cash payment of a year) before sending them back to civvie street without any additional payouts?
  2. 1) PFA - No. You signed the contract, you agreed to meet the MALE conditions of fitness.

    2) I'm no employment law guru, but if you were injuried as a result of military reasons, then you'd receive a pay out or i;d like to think so!! Remember in your contract it states the Army can discharge if you become unfit for duty!

    3) Soldiers will remain employed on 22 years unless they feck up or take a big carrot shoved in their face.
  3. Women signed a contract saying they would be discharged if they became pregnant but they still took the army to the cleaners.

    So would it be impossible to get rid of the biffs unless theres a large sack of cash in it for them?

    The reason I'm asking is that a large amount of fuckwits are already getting their excuses in order on the rumour that biffs are about to get some very bad news. I'd like to know whether they will get away with it or will the army win for once.
  4. After subsequent changes by the HRA.
  5. I'm not sure it's about winning and losing really!! "biffs", along with the rest of the Army have now been briefed on the new policy for the treatment of downgraded soldiers - as covered in other threads. Bottom line is if they are unfit to deploy (P7) as a result of injuries/illness/wounding they will either be re-employed (or medically discharged if this is not an option)
  6. You have to read between the lines of PAP 10, its not about being a biff or medical standards. Its about employability! From an infantry point of view the minimum medical standard for an infantry soldier is MFD regardless of your job within a Bn at Regt Duties, your primary role is infantry soldier you must be able to pick up a rifle and fight. Soldiers who cant do this must transfer, take a post at ERE (This will only delay the pain for a couple of years) or you will be discharged. Thats it in a very basic format, there are no non-deplayble or a job in a store for the Biffs, Simples!!