People are fecking gullible!

stevie1967 said:
the dog on the wrapper is having soooo much fun tho

where can you buy one from?
Any half-decent pet store? Or for those of us who can't shift from the peecee, clicky here or perhaps clicky here, for example.
The title of this thread is out of date.

Two years ago it would have been ok, but the OED (Oxford English Dictionary) who regulally update the english language dropped the word gullible from the 2007 edition. As it was considered "anti PC".
Sticking them up your hoop would dry out the anal leakage though !
spike7451 said:
Me thinks the dog in the photo has one in his ass and likes it!!
It's Dales dog! :p
In the very same pose as when its banging away at dale 8O
"It floats!" Is that the dog then?
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