Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by tropper66, Jul 7, 2009.

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  1. for those blokes from Aldershot I met at Penwyllt

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  2. I bet it was cold in that tent

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  3. What's the black thing on the right ? is it a yeti caught on camera ?
  4. Why have they burnt the tents nearest the camera? Did Kiwi and Fijian Bob transgress the unwritten code?
  5. Don't ask me I only felt sorry for them, I offered them a case of Carlsburg and they refused it FFS what is the army coming to
  6. Maybe they were wondering who the old duffer was taking photos of them and trying to groom them with alcohol.

    Did you try to show them your rusty bullethole?
  7. No. I was there caving with a group of students from Southamton who I had already groomed, and they where female, well some of them were
  8. And they had a full screw from the HCR nuf said
  9. How many times over that weekend did you get shot?
  10. Weekend, Recruit training on the weekend? They where on week 10 of basic, adventure training for beginers
  11. That's what I figured, the Force 10s and location are a bit of a give away, but I assume you were there on a weekend jolly.
  12. NO it was a weekday, I was at the South Wales Caving Club, the Quarry is the entrance to one of the bigest cave systems in the country, most of it is still unexplored after over 20 years of caving at the site,