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Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Aunty Stella, Mar 26, 2006.

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  1. I'm intrigued as to the origin of the actual original signature.

    Obviously our resident bunny boilers version of it holds no water as

    we don't have a constitution, she used to spell "honour" as "honor" and "defense" should be spelled as "defence". She (he i suspect) has obviously nicked this from some spam somewhere, I was just wondering if anyone recognised the drivel and could actually put an original source for it?

    By the way pentwhine, I hope your cancer kills you.
  2. feckin window licking bint
  3. Well spotted Smithie.

    Any comments petwhine you window licking, alledgedly cancer riddled big timing walt tw*t?
  4. ooooooooooh, nicely put
  5. Well done! I've tried Googling it a couple of times without too much success. Mind you I hadn't tried removing the 'soldier's' bit.

    If you Google it and only remove the obvious references to the UK, you get Barbara Streisand's home page......spooky, or what?
  6. It just shows what a deluded head case she is. And her email address, or whatever it is, is she a walt fcuking pads brat too?
  7. pentwyn's claims!

    She is an Army brat:

    She is a soldier's girlfriend:





    So, lawstudent / mercedes / yannie / s-j-c / petnapper / pentwyn's boyfriend is an Officer in the Gurkhas. :roll: Will that man please stand up!
  8. I think you are all spending WAY to much time on this person(s) case.

    Seems to me P3 has it, nail on head. Here STOP FEEDING HER.

    Beebs x
  9. Beebs, we don't need mothering and can do as we please! I'm quite happy to waste time on it, as and when it suits me. She's not going anywhere so we might as well have some sport if we want.
  10. The expression that sprung to mind, I won't use, last thing I need is a b*tch slapping incident.... As to Mothering, whatever.... I don't have time to waste, oh dear must have an, er, life..... If this is sport, well, not exactly fair game is it? She's a pathetic target that won't go away under her own steam, banning her hasn't worked and even the CO's have taken to ignoring her, but hey as you say " I'm quite happy to waste time on it, as and when it suits me."

    Beebs x

    PS Off to do some real mothering. :D

    PPS Is that a collective 'we' or the royal 'we'?
  11. isn't pentcnut getting a little too much attention. will she not just disapear into oblivion if we ignore her. or alternitavly shoot her
  12. Beebs, crash_landing, we've tried ignoring her. Didn't work. Even when we do ignore, she still posts utter random tosh. She will obviously not be banned because she's not broken any site rules. Shes going to be sticking around thats for sure. Shes nearly had as many log ins as that other walking life support for a cunt, blondebint. Shes not grasped or cares that she is more unpopular than a KKK member at a Musical Youth concert.

    Lets have some fun with it seeings how it has chosen to stay. She needs to understand the ground rules though.

    She stays= She gets 'robust banter'. Thats the gambit she has to accept. So long as it's kept within the site rules (more over, the NAAFI rules) none of the Stasi can get a hump on. Ie; keep the 'banter' within the confines of the NAAFI and Arrsehole. Having said that, it is a fair one to reply to some of her posts around the boards due to her frankly weird opinions on a wide variety of subjects. Just as any of us would disagree with any other normal member on various topics.
  13. Surreal.

    pentwyn sent me yet another pm asking;