Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Dale the snail, Mar 24, 2006.

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  1. How much more can we do?

    She/it/they have been told so many times they are not wanted here.

    Votes from the floor ladies and gents.
  2. does that say banned or bummed, I haven't got my reading glasses on ?
  3. I will leave it to MDN to sort the "bumming" out.
  4. get rid of her, probnably for her own sake cos she's riling everyone now!
  5. Another reason.
  6. I have voted for her to banned, not just because she is a fcuking nutter but because I rather like old flashy and think he deserves better than this trollop getting on his tits.
  7. This is the 3rd poll I’ve seen calling for this user to be banned, once as lawstudent and twice as pentwy.

    We learned in chat the other day that she has been lying about having a tumour, those of us who were there were seriously offended by this – including me.
    She’s stalked Flash to the point where he could no longer stand to be Mod and almost jacked in ARRSE.
    She ruins threads with her dullness and stupidity, dragging them off topic and causing slagging matches (all very funny though :D ).

    No one wants her here…

    What more needs to be said.
  8. pentmong
    Says it all.

    I normally don't get annoyed, but something has to be done about these freaks.

    Stop laughing at me not getting annoyed!!!

  9. Goku your problem is you dont know when you are lying or telling the truth
    you are that full of your self you invet things to think you are important and for your information i gave pentwyn a copy of the conversation we all had the other night
    what you said happened was total **** we all in the naffi having a normal banter and if you speak to flash he will tell you that is what the naffi is for so stop giving my auntie grief
  10. Pentwyn, how can you study law when you've got the writing ability of a five year-old ? And severe mental health issues.
  11. My god you silly mong you really deserve to be sectioned under the mental health act!
  12. how clever !!!!!!

    turning it round to someone else

    wish i'd thought of that!

    incidentally, i think you'll find out quickly who people are likely to believe her pent!

    now crawl back under your rock and die!

  13. Nathan. You have helped quite a bit to stitch that soggy old fuckwit up (the real pentwyn). So, please get the fuck out of Dodge telling people what the can and cannot do.
  14. Nathan, go to bed. Good lad. Mind that pillow is not too tight over your face.
  15. I cannot comment on the tumour episode and don't wish to get abusive but I can say, with a high degree of probability, that the forums would be better off without pentwyn: On balance her bad posts outweigh the few bland ones by a significant factor and flash was/is a class act.
    One is reminded of a friends' irritating little sister who wants to play with the older children but will not take a hint.

    Still waiting for someone to post in support, but I won't be holding my breath.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.