Pentwyn Again

Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Lepus, Mar 31, 2006.

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  1. Ok, I know this has been done, but im getting mightily p!ssed off now.

    I use this site mainly to confer with other ACF Adults about running a detachment. I'm very new to the job and from time to time need help with the odd admin point, or a section in the Red Book that isnt too clear.

    The CO's have now segregated us from the OTC, which has stopped all the bitching between us, and it was all looking rosy. Now however, this fcuking troll has shown up and started to post crap. It ranges from simply quoting other peoples posts with no comments (????) to posting "male hormones...." at the bottom. She's a nightmare, even if she is shacked up with a Gurkha Officer, shes got no reason to post int he ACF section.

    Shes already attempted to fcuk up the rest of the site, and I wasn't too bothered tbh as Flash and co were dealing with it. Now its a bit more personal.

    Being an ACF AI, i can take the banter about kiddy fiddlers, walts and pie-munching, as its all in good humour. What I cant deal with is a pointless waste of skin.

    Can someone, or the CO's, please do something about it, ban her IP or something.


  2. Rab from what i can see it is one rule for you and everyone else who you think fits in to your way of thinking
    that is all i wrote was one comment before you started speaking in a out spoken way towards me
    from what i can see you let everyone else write what ever they write even if it goes against all the rules on here
  3. You filthy bitch, font of lies.......go away, your daily identity changes with who you are sleeping with (Gurkha Officer my ARRSE), courses you claim to be taking - starter English never being one, are tedious in the extreme, you got Flashy Troll but your next.
  4. She can't help it...she has severe learning difficulties, hence being unable to follow the simplest of fcuk offs. :evil:
  5. Pentwyn

    I have been around this site for a limited amount of time and have never before today bothered with you.

    You wandered into a thread in the ACF forum no problem with that I post on threads in the infantry section im no longer in the infantry however i was and if i post there it is because i have something vaguely worthwhile to say. You however managed to derail a worthwhile thread with one post since then the thread has degenerated to a slagging match about you, to the extent that a seperate thread has been started to deal with the fall out.

    I am not that interested in your history on ARRSE or in your ARRSE in general however please stay out of threads that dont need your involvment.......................................................................Thats all of them.

    On a serious note Mods and CO'S is there nothing that can be done about her as she is getting beyond a joke now.
  6. Then get her into mine clearance in Angola, the natives love lasses with low centres of gravity and evidently she can absorb a lot of 'blast'
  7. See what I mean, she doesnt understand that no matter what anyone else may have said on the ACF forum, they had a point to be there!
  8. MODS I am being harrassed by Pentwyn, kindly step in
  9. uuurgh what an unpleasant thought.
  10. "I am in love with British Soldier's. I will support them in there defense of the Constitution of the United Kingdom. I proudly stand by the one's I love with Honour, Courage and Commitment. I am committed to supporting my soldier's and the British Army"

    I thought that the UK was one of the few countries in the world that did not have a written Constitution.......
  11. Its been done to death, she got it off of a US Navy Website. Substitute Soldiers for Sailors, and change nationalities, and it becomes more Spam.

  12. It should have been run through an English spellchecker.

    And please, someone tell me that those rogue apostrophes were added later?
  13. Its Pentwyns constitution, except she doesn't know the meaning of honour, much less courage. However gentlemen please be reassured that Pentwyn also appears to be a raving lesbibob and the soldiers she so adores seem to be female. This conclusion is reached simply because she always had a semi naked female bottom as her avatar, which is blatantly not attatched to her own sorry body.

    You Xplosiverab, have a very valid point sir in that there is no room for Pentwyn in this forum.
  14. So she's a dyke then BB, with additional complexity added by her profoundly abstract and third rate personality. MODS call the meds Pentwyn should be removed from the field for medical and compasionate grounds, exile her to Rear Party.
  15. Please A_J..not rear party, why ruin a decent site? Althought she did post some drivel on there also, i was hoping it was a 1 off.
    Yes, i am convinced she is a lesbibob schizophrenic.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.