Pentathlon switches to laser guns for London 2012 Games

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by sid101, Aug 31, 2010.

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  1. If the Pentathlon has already merged the running and shooting disciplines in to one (run and shoot) doesn't that make the pentathlon a quadrathlon?

    And isn't it dangerous to run and shoot?

    Meanwhile. This is silly. Shooting is shooting, not lasers. What next bucking bronco to replace the horse riding? And don't tell them they have swords, that will be the next to go.
  2. Well fencing isn't really fencing without a sharp edge, and they were only going to use air pistols anyway so hardly really shooting. The original event was meant to replicate an ADC taking a message to a general, so maybe the whole concept needs updating. Ideas anybody?
  3. 5 disciplines of the modern ADC. Phone call, e-mail, powerpoint presentation (according to the US Col recently sacked), internet surfing and making tea.
  4. I just love the naivety of it all...
    Yep, I can see it now. Assuming these "laser pistols" even vaguely resemble a handgun - no problems whatsoever with chaps pointing them in the corridors of Lakeside and Bluewater, or rolling up to check-in with a pair in the hand-luggage.
  5. "They [the laser guns] will be easier to carry around and to take on aeroplanes. It's the way of the future."


  6. There speaks a non-fencer,the original discipline was meant to replicate the skills of a military courier,and the concept works fine,it's just the people running it that need a reality check. Back in the 70's the World Modern Pentathalon Championships used to last 5 days,a day for each discipline,I think the Olympics allow a day,nowhere nearly long enough.

    As for laser shooting,what a ******* joke.
  7. It's air pistols with a laser fitted in place of the barrel - the competitors wanted to have some physical feedback on shot release. Using the lasers means that spectators can be closer, range danger areas are now effectively nil. The kit is described here (link) although the website is still a bit ropey. Bet you they try for biathlon next...

    It's easier to use (the competitors don't need to reload every shot, so they can shoot faster), and if they're traveling they get less (not zero) hassle from police and customs inspectors over "firearms".

    There's always debate about how the Olympic movement deals with shooting sports; IMHO it's nothing to do with being against guns as such; it's just that the IOC are greedy, the TV Companies are greedy, and they'll sell their soul for a few million extra viewers watching the adverts. You'll get those numbers with beach volleyball and BMX racing, you don't get as many with target rifle or clay target.
  8. Spotter mode ON "A long time ago....."

    I honestly think switching to lasers is just bone, i mean air pistols was bad enough but lasers?!
  9. How long does it take to burn a hole through the target at 100m :scratch:
  10. The plans for the triathlon are shaping up well though....

  11. The World Pentathlon Federation have revealed their new President....

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  12. Seems bone to me - a laser won't be affected by wind so will require less skill.
  13. I wonder what our best Olympian at this sport - Capt 'Jim' Fox would comment on variation. Anyone out there in a position to ask him?
  14. This makes a great deal of sense to me although an improperly used laser could blind someone so perhaps airsoft pistols would be better. In fencing they could easily make a shift to rubber swords without hurting the sport and I cannot see the harm in requiring the use of life preservers in the swimming portion. I am concerned about the riding portion. Horses might be injured during the event so this certainly should be considered a "cruel sport" and banned. Would bicycles work if we were to require training wheels.

    Modern Pentathlon started doing down the moment they allowed air pistol for the shooting portion.