Pentagons cyber-soldiers


One soldier who served in Iraq in 2005 told the BBC there was "a tight watch" being kept on video and pictures posted to MySpace, with civilian contractors monitoring the internet on behalf of the Pentagon.
The BBC has not been able to confirm that contractors are scouring the internet for inappropriate material from the military.

But US Central Command - which is responsible for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan - does have a team reading blogs and responding to what they consider inaccuracies about the so-called war on terror.
Who do you think is Pentagon's 'cyber-soldier' on ARRSE?
One of those fecks almost shut down my mates milblog last year. His chain of command sided with him though, and he was able to continue
Chemist closed then?
KGB_resident said:
Who do you think is Pentagon's 'cyber-soldier' on ARRSE?
What's the pay scale?

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