Pentagon to buy Russian copters to Iraq

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Apr 1, 2009.

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    So our American friends buy Russian helicopters to their allies, for Iraqis. What about the RAF?
  2. There are two MI-17 in Boscombe Down under trails now
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    You cheeky monkey!
  4. The Russians would know all about helicopter operation in Afghanistan, they have had some experience in that theatre of operations. :wink:
  5. The Iraqi military have been supplied with a lot of Russian kit by the US.They are very used to such kit,over a large number of years.It makes little sense for them to use US kit.
  6. Trials for what ? I only live over the road from Boscombe and havn't seen them flying around in the last 2 years or so.

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  8. TheIronDuke

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    Isnt the big budgie that ferries the US Presidentinator around the place made by Sikorski? Not a name that figures much in the Andover Yellow Pages one feels?

    Gosh!!! People buy Russian budgies!!! I'd ring your wife if I was you KGB.

    But I am not.
  9. Your Lordship, I would like to express my kindest regards to Lady Iron.
  10. The Americans were also flying in Mi17's themselves for certain Ops a few years ago.
  11. Igor Sikorsky(
    ) was in the USA since 1919 after leaving the Bolshie downsizing of the Russian Population.

    while in America as a US Citizen he designed

    Sikorsky S-29-A: twin-engine cargo biplane. First Sikorsky built in the U.S. Appeared in Howard Hughes' Hell's Angels (1924)
    Sikorsky S-30: twin-engine, never built. (1925)
    Sikorsky S-31: single-engine biplane (1925)
    Sikorsky S-32: single-engine two-passenger biplane (1926)
    Sikorsky S-33: "Messenger" single-engine biplane (1925)
    Sikorsky S-34: twin-engine flying boat prototype. (1927)
    Sikorsky S-35: three-engine biplane prototype (1926)
    Sikorsky S-36: eight-seat two-engine flying boat "Amphibion" (1927)
    Sikorsky S-37: "Guardian" eight-seat two-engine biplane (1927)
    Sikorsky S-38: eight-seat two-engine boat flying boat (USN PS) (1928–1933)
    Sikorsky S-39: five-seat single-engine variant of S-38 (1929–1932)
    Sikorsky S-40: "Flying Forest" four-engine 28-passenger flying boat (1931)
    Sikorsky S-41: twin-engine flying boat (1931)
    Sikorsky S-42: "Clipper" four-engine flying boat (1934–1935)
    Sikorsky S-43: "Baby Clipper" twin-engine amphibious flying boat (1935–1937) (Army OA-1, USN JRS-1)
    Sikorsky VS-44: four-engined flying boat (1937)
    Sikorsky S-45: six-engine flying boat (for Pan Am. Never built.)
    Sikorsky S-47 (R-4): world's first production helicopter. (1940)
    Sikorsky S-48 (R-5/H-5): helicopter designed with higher load, endurance, speed, and service ceiling than the R-4 (1943)
    Sikorsky S-49 (R-6): improved R-4
    Sikorsky S-51: world's first commercial helicopter (1946)
    Sikorsky S-52 (H-18/HO5S): helicopter with all-metal rotors (1947)
    Sikorsky S-55: utility helicopter (1949)
    Sikorsky S-56: twin-engined helicopter, H-37A Mojave (1953)
    Sikorsky S-58: improved S-55 (1954)
    Sikorsky S-59 (XH-39): 2 H-18s converted to use one turboshaft engine (1953)
    Sikorsky S-60: prototype "flying crane" helicopter, crashed 1961 (1959)
    Sikorsky S-61: SH-3 Sea King; ASW, SAR or transport helicopter (1959)
    Sikorsky S-61R: redesigned S-61 with rear cargo ramp; CH-3, HH-3 "Jolly Green Giant", and HH-3F Pelican (1963)
    Sikorsky S-62: HH-52 Seaguard amphibious helicopter (1958)
    Sikorsky S-64: CH-54 Tarhe "flying crane" (1962)
    Sikorsky S-65: CH-53 Sea Stallion medium/heavy lift helicopter (1964)

    Last 44 years of his 83 were quite productive in the USA
  12. We have a few down at Ft. Polk and a real Hind or two as well for OPFOR